What's you take on fake Bal bags?

  1. Dear all, how do you feel when you see someone walking towards you with a fake Bal? Especially after you spend so much time sourcing for your holy grail and saving so hard for it.:drool:
  2. Never have seen one, but I did use to carry LVs and the fakes never bothered me.
  3. I don't bother with other people's business. I just let them be and enjoy my bag.
  4. I think some people may not even know they're fakes. They buy something from that kiosk in the mall, and they think "oh, that's pretty" wothout even knowing it's a knockoff. I had a friend that did that with a fake Fendi and didn't even know the F all over the bag was supposed to mean Fendi.

    Some people do know and in that case I feel bad for them because I can obviously tell it's fake, but wouldn't say anything in the line for the Post Office about it (in the one case I'm sure she knew it was a fake because she had the fake purse and the fake wallet.)

    I actually did feel bad with some of the super fakes out there. There are some great LV fakes and the Chanel Cambon line had some incredible fakes and if someone spent ~800 on eBay thinking they have a real one that is awful.

    It is much easier for me to spot a fake Balenciaga or Chloe than a fake LV. One look at the leather and I can tell right away.
  5. personally i dont care what other people are carrying weather it's a fake or not, as long as i'm carrying the real thing ( which makes me happy ) then I could care less about what is on other people's arms.
  6. My biggest reaction to a fake brand is initially 'ew'. But, it never gets more emotional than that.

    Three years ago, I wasn't educated on the counterfeit market and I thought people were smart to spend less money on a look-alike. (I never did) Now that I know the truth, I try to tactfully tell friends, etc. and have informed some of my acquaintances and changed their minds, because they just weren't informed of the truth.
    But, when I see any fakes, I always think either they just don't know, like I didn't, or they so badly want something nice and maybe that fake bag makes them feel very special. ???? What are ya gonna do?

    The only 'type' of people I can honestly say that would truly lather me up, are those who know the implications of the counterfeit market, but buy fake anyway. But, since we can't read their minds, there's nothing to get worked up about.

    I was shopping during Christmas and had my speedy. A woman stopped me and said, "Hey...I have a purse w/that same pattern at home!" It was so sweet and innocent though...she was trying to 'bond' and had no clue!

    I also try to remind myself that all of us here have what could be considered an 'unhealthy' interest in handbags. Most women, throw their crap in a bag and get on with life! LOL Most don't obsess and covet and dream about and cry over that one that gone away on eBay! (Not that I've ever done that...ahem...)
  7. I am not an advocate of fakes but when I see a person or happen to know or see someone who carries one, I don't throw stones at them. If(BIG operative word here) I were to buy a fake, I would probably have a hard time thinking about carrying/wearing it. I've always been the person to buy something brandless over anything knock offs. :girlsigh:
  8. I have never seen anyone carrying a REAL bbag where I live (in Ireland) let alone a fake one. However, given what I have read, heard and seen about the quality control problems that seem to plague the manufacturers of high-end bags, I don't have a problem with somebody carrying an incredible fake, regardless of the brand. If life's too short to stuff a mushroom, it's certainly too short to obssess over high-end bag trivia. Having said that, I love my (real) Cognac City and black Bal clutch.
  9. I have seen loads where I live (Singapore) but I don't really care cos the difference is so obvious plus as long as I know mine's the real thing I'm happy.

    I don't support fakes but I also can't stop people from buying fakes :shrugs:
  10. If you can spot the fake so easily then it is obviously a bad fake. You can tell the difference yourself and so that's the only thing that really matters. You can't compare the quality of the leathers on the real thing...there is a reason we pay so much for our bags!
  11. I'm in the same boat with most of the ladies above me. My bags are real and gorgeous, so why waste all that bother getting all upset about someone else's? I don't buy these bags so everyone can tell how much money I've got, or how stylish I am, so I don't care if people wonder if they're fake. Most of the people around here go to work dressed like they're off to scale Mt. Rainier after work - they do NOT care what bag I've got on my arm, so I'd be stupid to try to impress anyone.

    I do feel really badly for the people who spend hundreds of dollars on eBay for one of the good fakes and then never know they got swindled.
  12. Judge not lest ye be judged. I have a close friend who has very little disposable income due to being a mom and student. She loves my Balenciaga bags but could never afford one. She has used my ebay account to buy Besso and other look-alike bbags. They do NOT say Balenciaga on them so they are not counterfeit, just look-alike. They make her so happy, and she works so hard that I like to see her happy. If I could afford it, I would buy her a real one. But after she finishes school and lands a good job, she'll end up with more bbags than me! It has bothered me a bit that my ebay account reflects her purchases, but as I said, they are only look-alikes so I guess it's not so bad.
  13. I've never seen anyone carrying a fake bbag. Plenty of fake LV's everywhere, but no bbags. I really don't see many carrying any bbags in Miami or the Keys. LV"s all over the place, real and fake.
  14. I agree! I have to admit, the thing that does bother me is the mid-range designers who make something close to a high end design. There is a Guess signature fabric that looks like a cross between Coach and Gucci, and a Hilfiger that looks Fendi-ish. That drives me nuts! I don't know why, but it does. I guess because from a distance, they look like a really BAD fake, and then when you get closer, you realize that the woman carrying it spent $50-$100 for a nice bag that I thought was a cheap fake!
  15. actually i agree with mshel
    the price of designer handbags becoming higher and higher and the quality of designer handbags are very very good but is it really worth 2K or 4K? i really am not sure. but i think it relates to counterfeit market.
    i work in the design industry and honestly i think making counterfeits has no difference from stealing other people's idea...imagine your coworker steal your idea and present it to the office and claims that's his/her idea. that's what the counterfeits represent. if we were to buy the counterfeit means we support those kinds of behaviour. knowing is one thing and not knowing is another and more forgiving.
    there was a woman friend of mine also works in the design industry...acts so proper and all that but only carries knock offs. she should know better. i'd rather carry something from old navy than carry a knockoff because i respect the effort the designers put it.
    don't mean to sound so serious but the idea of stealing is really bothering me.