What's wrong with me?!!

  1. I bought a classic flap in a med (large) sz in black with gold h/w.... i absolutely LOVED the bag but it annoyed me alot how i couldn't fit anything in there due to it's size...

    THEN I exchanged it for the jumbo size as i thought it would make me happier, as i love the bigness of it, i still miss my large! plus the leather is a bit dull and not as 'pebbly' as my large...

    what do i do? i can still swap it back, but am i just going to be annoyed again... or is what i need just to save up for a large size as well...

    A Chanel bag has always been my dream, and i just feel like i'm STILL not happy, i should be ecstatic and over the moon... but it's so weird? maybe material things can't make a girl happy?!
  2. keep looking for the right fit...when you find the perfect chanel...it will really make your heart sing...and you will just have to have it....and once you get it you will love...love...love...it..Good luck with your bag search.
  3. awwww... you need both a jumbo and a med/large:graucho:
  4. oh dear, yar i understand and wld hate to feel the way u do. if u dun mind spending more on Chanel; u can keep the jumbo and get a reissue in med? :smile: then u wld the best of both worlds PLUS 2 diff designs! :smile:
  5. Ha! I was thinking the same thing!
  6. Yup, you need two! A reissue and a jumbo is a great combo, by the way. But I see nothing wrong with two classic flaps in different sizes.
  7. i agree that you need both, for different occasions......
  8. Agree with others, sounds like you would be happiest with one of each. There's nothing wrong with that!
  9. Oh don't feel bad !there's nothing wrong with you! Since neither bag made you feel really happy I'd suggest you take the jumbo back and make a little search and I' m sure you'll find your dream bag! you should also wait and see the S/S 08 classic collection and then decide, if that's OK with your SA!:yes:
  10. Maybe get two but in different colors, styles, or hardwares? I wouldn't get two in different sizes that are the same color and style. I adore the jumbo though. :yes:

  11. :yes::yes::yes:
  12. 100% agree.

    keep the jumbo and save for a 226 reissue.
  13. Yup, sounds like you need both bags. Or if you can only have one right now, take some time to think more about it before you use it just in case you want to change it. Your purchase should make you very happy.