Whats up with this RM listing?!?!

  1. Its good to go. She made a mistake as listing it as leather-like but the auction is legit. Its a great price and not completely unheard of. On sale, you could buy MAs or MAM's for around $299. A memorable incident was when Nordies had RM bags deeply discounted, far more discounted that RM's sample sale. Some of those bags even ended up at Nordies Rack too!

    If youre interested in the bag, I say go for it!:yes:
  2. This bag looks real to me. I'm a powerseller on eBay too and I can tell you that recently these bags were available for an attractive price. The Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale prices are not ALWAYS the lowest. I say go for it if you love it, because you WILL NOT GET A LOWER PRICE FOR THIS BAG ANYWHERE ELSE and there are only a few left out there. Good luck!
  3. thank you ladies!