What's up with that?

  1. Am I the only one who got this weird pm? It looks like spam mail to me...
  2. yup, I got it too, just posted about it below
  3. The spammer's been banned.
  4. ^:woohoo: Yes..they're a nuisance. Thanks Vlad!
  5. good job VLAD!

    and your lab is soo cute!
  6. Nope, didn't get anything!
  7. I JUST received a private message asking me if I wanted to have one of those "purse parties" with mirror image bags!! I don't know where it came from exactly because I deleted it IMMEDIATLY. Has anyone else gotten one of these?!? How did it get on this site?? :cursing:
  8. Gosh, they need to get our more! Fancy pming all of us, and talk about hurting our eyes with their awful bags ;)
  9. IN stead of deleting or posting about it, you need to just forward it to an Admin or a Mod so we can take care of the person.
    This is a public website, anyone may join, we can't control what they PM to people unless you guys forward the PMs to us.
  10. Yup, sofa king banned :cursing:
  11. It's Megs' lab Nitro! Love that pup! :nuts:
  12. Aww Nitro has a big smooshy face that you just want to coochie woo :love: .... or is that just me?:shrugs:
  13. Coochie woo is just right ! :nuts: :drool:
  14. That is one big "pup"!
  15. I love Nitro! We just had to put down our 14 year old yellow lab last year and were so sad, we still miss her. Labs are great!