What's up with Saks??

  1. Just wondering what you all think of this? . . . so I purchased a "lot" (as in box) of handbags, and one of the bags is this Saks 5th Avenue leather Kelly Bag. Now, I know Saks is not in the business of counterfeiting. I must say this Kelly Bag is quite exquisite! It is not marked as Hermes, so I don't think it's counterfeit. It has a plate inside saying "Saks 5TH AVENUE MADE IN ITALY". All leather inside (feels like lambskin) Outside leather is embossed sort of like Courcheval. It does have that unmistakeable exquisite wonderful leather smell ! - (not the yucky leather smell that you find sometimes.)
    . . . so what's up with this ? I'm not sure what to make of it. Have you ever heard of Saks making "inspired" bags?

    (I was going to post a pic, but thought I'd better not, in case it's perceived as being "fake".)
  2. I have never heard of that bag. I would like to see what it looks like though.
  3. I know that Neiman Marcus does look alike Kelly style bags in croc. I think they are made by Siso in Italy. They aren't meant to be counterfeits, just look-like Kellys. They are much less than H of course, but still not cheap because they are croc. Similar to the croc Kelly that is available at Suarez in NYC.
  4. OK I'll post a photo - Mods, please excuse me and remove if you deemed to be inappropriate.
    saks5th4.jpg saks5th7.jpg saks5th6.jpg
  5. Well, I don't know what you ladies think, but I don't like copycat
  6. Have you ever heard of Saks doing that?:confused1:
  7. I don't see the big deal with this. They are not pretending it is anything but a bag from Saks under their own label. It isn't as if they are trying to pass it off as H. Fashionable stores used to do this all the time for customers who admired the real deal, but couldn't afford it.
  8. it's a good replica of the H Kelly for sure...even with the key lock hanging:s...not sure how I feel about it as I adore/love my H Kelly and am so proud of it. I guess it's like everything...things get copied whether we like it or not. At least it's leather and being sold at a reputable store.
  9. I don't think it could be mistaken a for a real Kelly. The proportions are way off, IMO. You know, I had a Louis Vuitton that I bought in the early '80's that was made for Neiman Marcus in their Bal Harbor store, and I seem to remember some companies making special bags for Saks, too. I don't think Saks is trying to "copy" the Kelly. They would never risk their reputation or their relationship with high end brands by doing something like that.
  10. it's 100% based on the kelly bag, and it's 100% a real bag, and it's 100% from saks. so it's not a fake anything. i have no problem with this.

  11. Perfectly well said HH:smile:
  12. Wilkes Bashford has a look alike Birkin.
    It's made by their manufacturers and sell for over 3-5 K.