Whats there to do in Mexico?

  1. Hello hello,

    Has anybody been to Mexico?

    I'm only about 2-3 hours away from Mexico and want to go since I have never been.
    I am only interested in day time activities.
    Do you have any suggestions?
  2. You have to be more specific...that's a big country...that's like saying what is there to do in the United States ;)
  3. if you are in so cal, you can drive down to baja california and cabo san lucas. the atv tour near the ocean is very fun. the beaches are nice, but the food (especially the fish ceviche) is to die for. i crave for that all the time!
  4. Go to that border town near San Diego (teawana - sp!) & be thankful you live in So Cal.
  5. whoops! yes, i meant the area more towards/near san deigo. lol!
  6. check out Rosarito, Baja California. (located 20 minutes south of the border from San Diego)

  7. Omg go to those ghost museums. You know where they have that collection of preserved bodies....

    I don't know. At least I find it interesting. Lol.

  8. whaat! lol , that sounds interesting! i need to google that. tahnks for the mentioning!

  9. thank u! will check this out too:nuts:
  10. Cabo is fun for drinking, late night parties, but the shopping is terrible.
    They have fabulous sushi (Nick-San), and the beach can't miss that!
  11. When I went to Cozumel a year ago...we went scuba diving, swam with dolphins, jet skied, horse back riding, drank lots of margartias, and went to a couple of awesome mexican resturants. There's plenty of things to do in Mexico.

    Oh and lots of sun bathing on the beach...
  12. You can do a day trip to TJ (Tijuana) or drive down to Rosarito.

    If it's a day trip, I'd rather drive down to Puerto Nueve (Newport) where they are known for their lobster dinners...meaning, depending on how much the lobster weighs, for $20 - 30, you get a full lobster, rice, beans and tortillas!! Oh so delicious! And they have a bunch of little vendors where you can buy knick knacks and what not!! It's about 20-30 minutes south of TJ, depending on traffic. Make sure to take the toll road as its relatively brand new so it makes for a nicer drive. :yes:

    I would stay away from TJ if you are going alone...though, same thing, cheap food and cheap stuff!!

    PM if you need any more info!!
  13. Go to Cabo! I love it - the beaches are fabulous, there's good food, Skid Roe is fabulous for dancing (plus free shots) and its not as crowded as Cancun.
  14. I love love love Mexico, but then again my family is Spanish. DH won't let me go very often (and hardly ever that deep).
  15. drinking and partying! thats all i did in cancun!