What's the Stam Kid in Nordi sale?

  1. What's the Price for Stam Kid in Nordi sale?

    I got my stam kid in plum from nordi and my friend came over to see it. Then I found that Nordstrom charged me $769 plus tax. I remember when I placed the order over phone, I was told the price was $699. Can anybody tell me what's the exact price for the kid stam? Thanks a lot!:heart:
  2. The Nordies price was 40% off. I purchased the same bag at Saks a few weeks before. At Saks the base price (MSRP!!) for the plum kid was $1295.

    That would make it $777 at 40% off. HTH!
  3. Thank you, AbbytheBT! I've thought the original price was 1195 as on Elux.
  4. I think it may be the difference between Kid quilted leather in calf (an Elux exclusive) and the "elastic quilted" in patent finished goat leather.

    I have the MJ tag in front of me, and for style # C372057, Finish 30077 Plum it definately says: $1295

    Sure hope Saks didn't mess with me!