What's the shortest time I can wait to re-dye my hair?

  1. Okay, so my self esteem has been in the toilet lately, and I was looking back at some pics from 3-4 years ago (I'm 44). I had darker hair then, closer to my natural color. For the past year or two I've been dying my hair blonde. I got to thinking how I looked so much better in the picture (although now I'm figuring it's just because I was a little younger) and thought I'd go back to a light brown color. Anyway, I died my hair today and when my daughter came home she said that my hair looks green (I did use an ash brown, but I don't see the green) and that she likes the blonde much better. Needless to say I was devasted. Now I'm freaking out and ready to go buy a different hair color and redo it tomorrow. Will that completely fry my hair? Sorry for the rant, but I just didn't need this with what's been going on in my life right now.
  2. hugs to you tammy!!!!!
    how are you? PM me if you need to talk!

    As for your hair...go to the salon...they have a reverse treatment kinda thing...that'll fix your hair up. I promise!
  3. Don't apologize!! I would rant if my hair weren't right too! I would treat myself and go to a colorist or at least a good hair stylist. You are wrth it!!!
    They may be able to use a semipermanent color since your going darker.
    If it's bleached and you just did it yesterday I would DEF. seek professional help!
    Good luck and let us know how it turns out!!!:flowers:
  4. i would recommend a professional treatment too--much less risky than correcting color yourself. but that having been said, i've re-dyed hair within a few days of having dyed it, and although it's definitely not recommended, my hair's still shiny and relatively healthy. i'd just be sure to deep condition VERY often for at least a week or two afterwards. good luck and feel better! ;)
  5. Thanks, J!:heart:
  6. Thanks! I do have some deep conditioner, so maybe I will go ahead and redo it and just be sure to condition it a lot for a while.
  7. oooh now i'm a little worried...i'd hate for you to take my advice and end up with ruined hair. maybe another option, at least if you've decided to go darker, is to go with a semi-permanent hair color that's not really damaging to tide you over until your hair's healed, and then dye it?

    but i still do stand by what i said-joico and biosilk and biolage (and a bunch of other brands i'm sure) make really great deep conditioning treatments. my mom will put them in, wrap her hair in a towel, step in the steam sauna for 10-15 minutes, and they leave her hair super soft. good luck!
  8. It is hard to go darker with dyed blond hair because sometimes the color doesn't grab and I think a ash color does cause a green tint. When I have gone from plat. blond to brown I remember having a filler applied first. I do know that there are hair color remover kits at the drug store or beauty supply store, my friends have used them when they messed up their hair and dyed again the next day. If you have long hair I say go to a colorist. If you have short hair I would deep condition it (with a heat cap-if you have one) and maybe try the color remover. The only problem with redying it is that it may grab too much dye in some places and you are left with that very dark uneven color look.
    The major hair color companies have phone numbers to call and they are pretty good with questions. You can find their sites on the web.
  9. I'm actually trying to go lighter again. I do have some deep conditioners that I could use for a while. I think I'll sleep on it and see I feel in the morning. I know that some of my teenage son's friends color their hair very often, so I guess I figuring: How bad could it be?
  10. I send you my best wishes....I hope you feel better tomorrow after you wake up!!!!! Keep me posted!
    And I really hope you can go lighter again!! Looking forward to hearing the update!
  11. your best bet is to get a consultation at a salon and tell her your situation how you've just colored your hair today and she will tell you to wait ___ days or ___ weeks before you can color it again, whatever is safest for your hair b/c it depends on a lot of things with texture, how much hair you have, the color of your hair, if your hair is damaged etc etc...but i suggest to not try anything w/out talking to someone from a salon first =) hope everything works out and keep us posted! hope you can get your hair to where you want it!
  12. Putting a light hair color over dark hair color will not make your hair light. You would need a color remover to get the color out or get it stripped. If you want to go lighter again I think you should find a colorist who know what they doing. Good luck.
  13. Thanks for the replies, ladies! I think I'm going to hold off on doing anything with it for now.