what's the return policy like at the Gucci boutique?

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  1. how's the return policy at Gucci boutique? I know that some of the luxury brand boutiques do not do rerunds, they only give you store credit......like FENDI at SCP...I bought my spy there and they said only store credit or exchange....is it like that at gucci too?
  2. Sale items are final sale but for regular priced items, you have 10 days for refund or exchange, although if you have a regular SA they usually let you exchange after the 10 days also.
  3. They are very easy going about it as long as it isnt used. I bought a dog carrier for my dog and he didn't like it. I returned it the next day. You only have ten days to make a return though.
  4. if you have a nice SA they will bend the rules for you. but as emald said, as long as it's in great condition still they will be more willing even though it's after 10 days.