What's the retail price of Cerises bucket bag?

  1. I'm trying to figure out how much should I pay for this bag over retail price. Thank you.
  2. If I'm not mistaken they're around 1200 or 1300?? BUT call 866 they still have some and you can get it for retail!
  3. doh...I'm wrong I was thinking sac plat. There are no buckets left from 866.
  4. I´m thinking about this too. Saw a really gently used cerises bucket on sale. I´m really over the edge about it it´s gorgeous, even though I couldn´t really afford it. It´s only 655 euros which is a little over 810 in dollars. Isn´t this a good price? I don´t remember what it cost when it was available at LV.
  5. prices have gone up since, so retail could have changed if there were any left back in February at the price change after the line was discontinued (before the buckets all dissappeared)
  6. It was $ 1210 I think :rolleyes:
    The prices seem to have gone up recently on ebay... I paid just under $1000 for mine and got it from let-trade