What's the one bag you still can't believe you own?

  1. I have lusted after designer bags for years now and some time ago I saw the Chloe Paddington and fell for it, but never thought i'd be able to own it because of the price. However after months of looking pictures of it and saving like mad I bought it! That was months ago, and when I see the bag in pics or others carrying it I still drool and then remember i'm lucky enough to have one of my very own!

    Anyone else feel like this about one of their bags?
  2. I'm the same as you- Chloe Paddington! LOL
  3. Chanel lady braid satchel. It was also stolen from me and then returned(!). I still can believe i have her!
  4. None yet. But I hope to say that about a Goyard bag this year!
  5. Jimmy Choo Ramona in navy! I think I got the last one in the U.S. when I ordered in in April of '06! I still can't believe I paid that much!
  6. YSL Muse...:love:
  7. Mink Bvlgari purse... bought in Japan by DH for me coming back from my Dad's funeral. Looks like a fuzzy toy purse... BUT it is special.
  8. It's a 3-way tie...LV Cerises Speedy, LV White Multicolor Speedy, and Fendi Spy in Dark Brown!!!!
  9. Well this might not be an expensive bag - but I must say I can't believe that I have a "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" - I was just fortunate to be at the right place at the right time to place an order.
  10. my fendi zucca spy
  11. My LV monogram Theda. :heart::love::heart:
  12. I go through bag obsessions like mad. Easily infatuated, I guess. But someday I hope to own a collection of Louis.
  13. Ha! Mine is a Chloe Paddington too. Interesting!
  14. Chanel Classic Flap! :heart:
  15. Gucci crocodile.