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  1. Hi,
    i a purchased a tano bag on ebay that was listed as LIKE new (their caps).
    so, tale as old as time, upon receiving the bag, i disagree with the listing description. I emailed the seller, and now am not sure what my next step should be, so far it is amicable, and would like to keep it that way, however,
    i want to return the bag due to inaccurate description.

    I received my tano sexbomb today and must say this handbag
    does not look "like new". There are spots on the back, it's dirty
    in some areas, one of the corners has the color worn down and
    there is a stain on the inside lining. I spoke to someone at the
    resolution center and was instructed to contact you since the
    return directions were not specified. I would have never bid on
    this purse had i known the extent of it's condition. please
    contact me with return instructions.
    i am sorry you are unhappy with your purchase. the bag is supposed to have a crackled look and the way i sent it out looks the same way when i bought the purse. i do not generally do returns. are you not planning on using the bag?

    - danielle3809

    I am not bothered by the crackled look as i have several tano
    and have leather cream, it's the stains inside and out that i am
    unhappy with. If the bag only had the crackling, i would
    consider it "like new", but with the other issues, i would not
    have bid/purchased this bag and it is not something i will use.
    I just don't think it holds up to its "like new" description.
    Dear bahenke,

    I am sorry that you have issues with the bag. I know some people don't like the crackled look. When I sent it out the only things that made the bag look used was the edges and a couple of tiny specs on the back. I just figured whoever purchased the bag would get it cleaned? Is that something that could take care of it or what are you looking for to make you happy with the transaction.

    - danielle3809
    Sorry this is so long, i would appreciate any advice. I am not necessarily adverse to eating some of the shipping. TIA. this is the listing:
  2. Assuming you paid with a credit card via paypal, File with paypal. Be very thorough on why you want your money back. Spell out the stains, marks, etc (inside and out). Link to any photos. Ask for a full refund. After you file it, make sure everything you want to say is in the complaint and then escalate it.
  3. BTW - did you ask for more photos? On a white bag, I would never buy, sight unseen. Make sure you indicate she put "Like New" in the condition area.

    I would not ask for a partial refund.
  4. thanks for your response. i did pay with paypal, however i did not ask for pictures.
    in my excitement for the bag, i didn't think of it and i am probably too trusting when it
    comes to ebay. do i still file with paypal even though we are having an email dialogue?
    should i answer her last email or ignore it and file? thanks:smile:
  5. #5 Jan 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2009
    Do you love this bag or was it just a good deal? If you love this bag, then you could just ask for a partial payment to "cover" the cost of cleaning. I personally thought it was stupid of her to assume that buyer's will clean the bag so technically it's "like new." Basically, is the hassle worth this bag?

    However, if you don't think you want it badly enough because of the wear/stains/etc., then I would just ask for a full refund (inc. s/h) since it technically did not arrive "like new." I've never seen a new bag with stains inside and out.

    Looking at her feedback, I think she's gotten this kind of complaint before. There's one about "looks gently used but in great condition."
  6. I would not clean the bag. If it doesn't work you are out of luck. I wouldn't communicate with her any more. She does not seem to comprehend your complaint.

    Do not ask for a partail refund unless you did not pay with PP and fund with a credit card.
  7. honestly, i don't think a couple of the stains can be cleaned. one is kind of a weird yellow stain that looks like egg yolk and on the back side (the one not shown) there are splatterings like splashes from a mud puddle. Also, the color is worn off of one corner.
    i know the wrinkles could probably be conditioned, but again, i was expecting LIKE new, not something that would need a lot of work put into it. i guess i learned my lesson about asking for more pictures. i will definetely take photos for my protection, but basically i want to return the bag---i'm just not sure if i should ask thru email with the seller or file thru paypal?
  8. You bought a like-new bag. It's not like new. It's a SNAD. You asked the seller for return instructions in your first email, and she engaged you in a conversation about the leather, etc., going back and forth. That's a waste of time. She's asking what you want. So just tell her that the bag is not "as described" and you will return it for a full refund. If she gives you a hard time, open a SNAD dispute with PayFoe and immediately escalate it to a claim.
  9. okay, i requested a refund :

    Dear danielle3809,

    I would like to return the bag for a refund due to its condition.

    - bahenke

    *******Dear bahenke,

    I can give you a partial refund. I requested a check from paypal and that takes about 2 weeks. so you will have to wait until i get the check to put the money back in my account (which will take about 3-5 days to go through) to be able to send you a check minus the shipping charges. How does that sound to you?

    - danielle3809
    I replied with :

    Dear danielle3809,

    I do not want a partial refund as i will not use the purse. I will go
    ahead and work through paypal to resolve this.

    - bahenke

    So, now i file a claim with paypal or should i give her a chance to reply?
    Thanks again for everyone's help, i really appreciate the advice.:smile:
  10. The resolution center is telling me i need to wait 10 days after the close of the auction to file a SNAD. Is that correct or am i doing something wrong? TIA