what's the most outrageous price for lv you've seen?

  1. i know there was the 5k miroir speedy.

    i just saw refills for an agenda for 150. i know the med refills are 70. not sure how much the small ones are.

    what have you seen that made you say "what? are you KIDDING?" LOL
  2. That bag that was on eBay for a while. it was $12,000 I think? it was the leather cut out floral thingy.
    I just did a search on eBay and couldn't find it....I saw it a few months ago and figured it would still be there.
  3. When the Murakamis first came out, they were going for waaaaay over retail. I know because I sold 2 of them! I had a white Eye Love You and a white Alma. They cost me about $1K apiece. I sold one for $2K and the other for $3K. That was quite the profit margin!
  4. 1000GBP (~$2000 USD)-Birth of Modern Luxury book--from AmazonUK
    $1500USD-Silver Miroir Pochette--eBay
    All LV items sold by seller 'eboutique'--their mark-up is huge!!
    That's two from the top of my head....I'm sure I've seen other ridiculous prices.
  5. I think youre talking about the fringe line... that WAS soooo expensive, and I didnt even think that line was that appealing...
  6. Oh i so forgot the book for 1k! lmao.
  7. 25k for that Eye Dare You bag.
  8. I don't know what they are called but for S/S 2007 - the straw-like grocery bags - $5 bucks at your local Walmart.. $1750 at LV. Wow and wow. JMHO. :p
  9. $37.5K for the charm bracelet.

    It's probably worth that much, but I can't imagine myself buying and wearing something so expensive.
  10. Or wait...the $250K solid gold miroir clutch.
  11. that teeny vip Mc alma keychain on ebay that can hold tic-tacs.
  12. Extreme Leopard Chain Shoes $1250.
  13. Extreme Leopard Chain Shoes $1570.
  14. WOW! Is it just my computer???:nuts:
  15. I think your computer is just shocked at the price. No worries. :p