what's The most a Brikin can cost?

  1. I thought that maybe a Birkin in Croc can be around at most 20K (retail)? But I'm hearing that it could be upwards to 50K...is that just an exaggeration or is that a real retail price?
  2. Diamond encrusted croc birkin? Don't know. Wish I own one. *Dream...*:love: :love: :love:
  3. I've heard as much as $80,000; but I know for a fact that they get up to at least $50,000 with croc and the diamond clasp. Isn't it Baggaholic's fave bag?
  4. It's every woman's favorite to own one in diamond encrusted. If anyone owns one, it would scream for attention. *Dream.....*:love: :love:
  5. I think it would be better to ask...what is the most expensive Birkin you can afford? Hee hee

    No they are outrageous...I did see one for $85,000.
  6. In another forum, I've heard of a diamond-crusted blue jean crocodile Birkin that cost 105,000 Euros
  7. Oh my....what a lucky girl you are. I've never get to see one upclose in my life.:love:
  8. Wow! All I've seen is a diamond clasp black croc Bearn wallet!
    A croc Birkin with no diamonds is selling at around $22k right now. :smile:
  9. Well a croc Birkin with just palladium or gold harware can run you from 15k-20k depending on the style and store. My favorite is the "Diamond Birkin" That comes in different color crocs and the hardware is diamond (they come both in yellow gold and white) and retails 86k What a beauty!!!!!!! One day! One day! :love:
  10. Hey Baggaholic, now that your have the BJ B 35 (doncha like my shorthand? hehe) what's going to be your next bag? A 30? another style?
  11. I actually have not told you girls yet but I'm on top of the waiting list for a 30cm Marron (dark brown, like chocolate) FJord Birkin with gold harware. I guess they like how quick I can drop money when I want something, I was there this past Saturday and picked up a Blue pair of Espadrilles, and the week before picked up a Cyclamen Lizzard agenda gm, it's so beautiful.
    I have been wanting to post pictures for you girls but my camera is away with my daughter for Easter vacation. As soon as she comes back it's gonna be "Click-Click" away.
  12. They are lovin' you at Hermes lately..................:lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. Hmmm...Baggaholic...are yo only shopping at Hermes these days?

    I have missed you alot lately. Glad to see you happy, buying, and back on the forum.

    Keep us up on everything.
  14. I haven't been away, I post everywhere, not all the times I post here,..
  15. AHA! $86,ooo....maybe they'll have an Alligator Birkin encrusted with Diamonds....that I think would cost more than a house...:biggrin: