What's The Elvire Bag Like?

  1. Hi,
    i'm thinking of getting another bag (i know i shouldn't but reading this forum is definitely contagious!!). The thing is, i've never tried the Elvire (i love the moka satchel, on sale of course!), is it heavy? but i also like the Black Bay Bag, i'm just afraid the quilted bag may seem "big" to carry around! Anyone to help me on this dilemna??thanks:flowers:
  2. Many of the new Chloe's that came out this year were featured on this forum before they hit the stores. Alot of us when we saw them in picture form went "ick".

    As time moved on and the products started to seep into the market place and we were able to see these bags IRL we changed our minds and said "Ooooo La La" (That was for your sake, wink). This is how I felt about the brown Elvira Satchel (yes that's on sale) in all regards.

    Really it's a beautiful bag, so funky and fun yet pretty at the same time. I like it better than the quilted Bay. However I've seen that in real life as well and think it's awefully cute and quirky.

    So I guess what I'm saying you can't go wrong with either purse. I would narrow it down to shape preference. Are you a square girl or an orb girl and then make your decision.

    Oh, the leather on the brown bay is without a finish and scratches easily but it's suppose to. The scratches disappear (think of a rug pile).

    Good luck and let us know.
  3. thanks so much susieserb!i've been on the lookout for 2 hours and i'm thrilled someone actually could give me an answer!I'm tall and thin (what does orb mean?)...and i've already got the edith satchel chocolat...
  4. Isn't there a picture of somebody wearing an Elvire satchel and it just looks so great on? We all thought it was a weird bag at first but in real life it is very cool and edgy and works well over the shoulder.
  5. why don't you get the Elvire satchel in black! that way you don't have two brown bags!
  6. the edith chocolat is really dark, nearly black and the elvire seems to be lighter?I've got a few black bags already...it also looked nice in taupe/elephant?it isn't shiny is it?
  7. I'm totall hooked on the quilted Bay.I have it in four different colours ( Black,Ivory,Metallic Silver and Moka) but I use the Black one most regularly. I think all my Bays are described as 'Medium' size and I certainly don't find them too big or bulky to carry around, even when they're full of stuff. Personally i think the Bay looks less fussy than the Elvire,so possibly has more of an enduring appeal in the long run.
  8. I haven't seen the regular leather IRL so I don't know but I think you should the one that makes your heart skip a beat. I have the Elvire hobo in Patent and I LOVE IT. Why don't you check out the patent ones! I think www.aloharag.com had the patent on sale!!!
  9. come to think of it, maybe i should get the black one...you're right, mona!
    or the edith satchel in whiskey???oh gosh, i've got to think it over...:confused1:
    will be letting you know!
  10. and thanks for the tip!unfortunately on AR, the brown elvire and the blk bay are sold out...
  11. Maybe there will be a Diabro sale soon? Are there great sales in Paris? Can you call around to stores there? Am I asking you too many questions?
  12. Sorry but sales haven't started over here yet!!officially, they start on the 8th Jan...Unfortunately (or fortunately considering...) i don't live in Paris but i go there from time to time, especially when the sales season is on!US sales seem to be so much more interesting though.
  13. thanks!i'm in touch with them...will let u know shortly!