What's the difference between an Adult trench and a children's trench?

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  1. I'm looking to buy a trench soon, probably at the end of the month. I tried on several, and finally found the one I want! As I was looking at the Burberry site, I see that the children's trench is SO much cheaper, but looks almost the same as an adult's trench!

    I am very petite (5'0"), so I'm pretty sure I can fit a child's trench if I wanted... but wanted to know if there's any major difference between the adult trench and the child trench? TIA!
  2. ^^^bumpity bump bump.

    I want to know too! Im about the same size, and was wondering how they run...It would be great to be able to snag a kids coat/jacket/vest especially during a friends/family event.
  3. chtini - thanks so much for sharing my link!! As soon as I saw this thread title I was eager to respond.

    Yoglood - we are the same height and I would recommend buying from womens. After trying on 3 kids trenches the fit and quality is not the same. The fit is wider and doesn't really conform to a woman's curves, and the quality doesn't have the same details as the adult trenches do. I think it's worth it to pay more for the perfect trench, especially since the kids ones aren't exactly "cheap" !

    Also my local Burberry does free alterations on regular priced purchases. For this reason I would buy in-store from a Burberry store versus a Saks, Neimans, or Bloomingdales.