What's the big deal about "pewter" hardware?

  1. Okay, I get that some of the older bags have the most gorgeous leather, and I've even had a few 04's - even seafoam. But frankly, I don't understand this obsession with the pewter hardware that comes with them. I much prefer the antique brass hardware - it's not only richer and provides better contrast with the bags, it even seems to wear better. I mean, yeah, if you want those old colors in that that amazing leather, you've got have some pewter hardware. But to actually seek out the hardware in its own right? Wa-Huh?

    Does anyone else feel this way?
  2. Not really.............

    I think it's very obvious why any Balenciaga lover would like and seek out the older pewter or silver hardware.:drool: It's so complimentary to some of the colors out there, a couple MORE so than the brass in my opinion. I just love em all!:love: They all speak to me.

    I understand completely........:p

    hi julielive!:search: .... ;)
  3. I like my hardware to match my jewelry for one. I dont wear anything brass. I always wear silver- but really, it's also what comes with that pewter hardware... that leather.
  4. i think it's about preferences...
    every girl had their own obsession :p
  5. I personally prefer brass hardware, but wouldnt be put off my pewter hardware either...
  6. I love both! For me it depends on the color. Some colors look better with one hardware finish over the other.

    I agree with mocean though... bags with pewter hardware have TDF leather... :drool:
  7. personally i prefer brass hardware...it looks unique and original to me but yea i agree with matching hardware with jewelry...i guess i need a pewter after all haha:p
  8. I like 'em all!

    Gimme gimme gimme! :graucho:
  9. I like the contrast and think that some colors just look nicer (more funky) with pewter hardware others better with brass.
  10. I don't mind either hardware, color and leather matter more to me. But I've decided that the metallics with colored hardware are a no-no cos they scrape off with use, I'm too picky to be able to endure that
  11. I strongly prefer the silver hardware to the brass. I would be so happy is Balenciaga went back to silver.

    I just adore my black first with pewter, the black with pewter looks fantastic IMO.
    I DO LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PEWTER!!! To me, there are some colors that JUST POP with the pewter!!! Especially blue, white, and black!!!!

    THE bag takes on a whole other dimension of being upscale and chic (IMO) when you compliment the color of the bag with the hardware.

    Some hardware colors do NOT matter to me (browns especially), but, overall, I am just drawn to that color contrast like other people are drawn to colors of the bag themselves. For me, I like BOTH.....the color of the bag AND the color of the Hardware. I didn't realize that I liked it so much, until I saw a trend....I was selling the bags THAT DIDN'T HAVE IT!! So, yes, i want pewter. It is imperative, but that's just my taste.:yes:
  13. I really think that this is akin to me saying "I don't get the big deal about yellow gold jewellery!" It's just a personal preference and what looks better when worn, according to individual tastes!

    I love the pewter with black leather and the seafoam with pewter is gorgeous, but I think the caramel with pewter looks odd (IMO!) and would look better with brass. Blues would look stunning with pewter - Ink would have been just gorgeous!!

    I'm not touching the "this '0X's leather is better" side of the story : )

    I wish you well,

  14. I wouldn't want all with pewter/silver but I do think many colors look better with it, especially black and white. I think reds look much better with silver, as well as dark blues. I wear platinum and white gold so it matches my jewelry, not that it's a big deal. :p I think one of the reason most like it is that it is so rare to find one with it. The thrill of the hunt. I don't care for it on pastels, except I think Calcaire and BG would have looked much better with it. I don't like pink and brass, to me they clash. Icy pale pink Calcaire would have been stunning with silver .
  15. I really like the pewter hardware on black like my suede long-strap first:


    Pewter hardware on a canvas of candy-apple red like this '04 true red first compared to the brass on my '06 rouge vif purse: