What's the Best Shoulder bag? Please help

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  1. Though I love how hand held bags look, they are not always practical. After spending a couple days in NYC, I learned to appreciate my Neverfull again, though I would have liked a zippered bag better. I don't really care for the Galliera, which I suspect is a very comfortable bag. Any thoughts?

    My LV collection:

    Mono Neverfull MM
    Tivoli PM
    Pomme Wilshire PM
    Verona MM
    Azur Speedy 30
    Noir Madeleine GM
    Mono Keepall 45
    Mono Sarah wallet
    Azur Cles
    Ebene Card Holder
    MC bandeau
    Noir Flore Sunglasses
  2. Totally? That one should be comfortable and has a zipper. How about the Idylle Speedy? You can switch from handheld to shoulder carry.
  3. I agree with Material_Grl about the Totally, I hear it's very comfy and the three sizes hold alot! The Monty is another low key everyday shoulder bag with similarities to the Speedy.

    I agree with you about the awkwardness of handheld bags though, I love my speedies to pieces but sometimes they get in the way.:-s
  4. I would have to say the Totally because just about everyone I asked on here about a good tote bag yesterday recommended that to me so....get that one. The monty GM is okay but the straps could be longer.
  5. Delightful
  6. Totally or Palermo?
  7. I don't own them, but maybe the Palermo or Cabas Mezzo (if you can find one... I think it's discontinued).
  8. The Totally is my most comfortable and practical bag.
  9. Stresa, Delightful, Palermo or Totally.
  10. Palermo you get both handheld and a shoulder strap, perfect!
  11. I love my Batignolles Horizontal!!
  12. Mahina L
  13. So much choices but I think you lack an Azur shoulder bag so I'd pic either an azur galliera or azur stresa :smile:
  14. I've had the monogram rivet since it came out and it's my absolute favorite bag! It's gorgeous and has plenty of room!
  15. The totally or palermo would be a good idea.