whats that stunning new blue out?

  1. I was in NM and I saw a gorgeous city and first in this new stunning blue color..OMG it was gorgeous..I cant describe the hue of blue it was, but its new..it was sitting next to that new grass green..anyone know the name of this color? I must have it in a first...lemme know! thanks
  2. was it a vibrant blue? it could be french blue. the other blue is marine, but that's more of a dark navy blue.
  3. ^ whats this new cobalt color?
  4. hmmm is it bleu de france?

    its this same color in this pic. first bag on the left.
  5. yup, looks like french blue (bleu de france)!
  6. yep, thats bleu de france (french name) or french blue (english name)!
    I can imagine it would be a great colour for a first size :yes:
  7. Yeah, French Blue is amazing. I probably wouldn't choose the bag myself because I tend to be more conservative in my color choices, but I do love the color.
  8. French blue is nice but I have yellow toned skin so it won't look good on me.:p
  9. Uh oh...I have yellow toned skin and I'm waiting for my new French Blue twiggy! :ninja:
  10. does balenciaga NY have the french blue in the first or aloha rag?
    Im trying to avoid paying tax in CA.

    please let me know