What's one thing you'd CHANGE about YOURSELF?

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  1. One thing I'd change about myself is my hot temper. I wish I could control it better. It's just that when something revs me up.........my blood boils. I do a pretty good job supressing it, but I just wish it wasn't a problem to begin with.

    What about you??
  2. I'd give myself more self-confidence/make myself more outgoing
  3. ^ same here and my temper as well and o yea to stop procrastinating so much
  4. Probably my cup size! LOL!
  5. Same here to both!
  6. I wish I wouldn't worry so much. I would love to live life thinking everything was perfect.
  7. ^^^ I'm the same way^^^
    thats what I would change about myself
  8. ditto to kuuipo's!
  9. same here the temper and more of self-confidence
  10. I wish I had less anxiety!
  11. My butt & thighs. I hate them!

    But I wouldn't change anything about my personality or my past - I wouldn't be the person I am today if I changed anything!
  12. The way I tend to GIVE UP on everything if I don't like it.
  13. Physically - I'd be small and dark instead of tall and blonde. Non-physically, I'd be a lot less sensitive - I am way too easily upset.
  14. Physically: my nose. Emotionally: my filthy temper, I've been fighting it all of my life.:smash:
  15. Less anxiety...and less perfectionism....it makes things stressful...I hate that I do this to myself.....ughhhh