WHATS On Your Mind..Part 4...Random Thoughts Cont.....

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*Sun in my eyes*
Apr 1, 2007
by a sand castle
I asked nicely not to wind me up. Since I sat down you wanted to irritate me, then you don't like it when I get up and leave.


Oct 7, 2006
Gerrrr! Who the heck texts/calls multiple times at 2:30am? Especially if their girlfriend has major trouble sleeping and is feeling sick? I mean seriously, if I didn't answer your last 3 texts or your call... stop freaking calling! If you finally succeed in waking me up and ask if I'm feeling better and I say I want to ralph then go back to sleep... that is not an invitation to sleep over! Why would you want to sleep over when you have to be up for work in under 5 hours? Who then has the nerve to accuse their just awoken girlfriend of being impolite? Is this some evil plan to ensure your girlfriend is sick and cranky? Common freaking sense says let your girlfriend sleep! If I didn't answer the first time I was either sleeping or ignoring you... take your freaking pick!

I'm sorry for the rant, but it's nearly 3:30am and now I am awake and annoyed.
Not open for further replies.