What's Inside Your LV?

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  2. #5492 Feb 20, 2020
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2020
    I’m sorry I don’t have link as this is older Gucci style key pouch from Micro Guccissima line. Maybe find one going pre-owned route, that is how I found mine.

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  3. Thanks! I’ve looked at the mini pouchette but I think the chain would get in my way. I’ll look for a second hand Gucci as I like the size. Thanks
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  4. Good luck, I really hope you find one - it’s perfect size for holding a few key fobs/remotes :flowers:
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  5. In love with that tiny cosmetic case!
  6. If LV could offer canvas keypouch like Gucci size, I would opt to want the LV more. The Gucci is so pretty, I wish they continue to offer it in guccisimma.
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  7. Guccissima key pouch is ideal size (at least for me) for holding car/garage remotes.
    If LV had pouch that was larger than current key pouch and smaller than Mini Pochette, I would definitely be all over that.
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  8. I'm looking for a purse organizer for my Cabas Rivington. Can you please tell me about the organizer you are using for yours? Thank you so much! It looks great!!
  9. What’s in my OM pochette accessories with new samorga organizer (and samorga lipgloss trio pouch too!)

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  10. Currently inside my Neverfull, LOL. I left it out to “air” and this is what happened...

  11. :heart::heart::heart:
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  12. Inside my manhattan NM... minus my personal phone, 6 key holder, and some bandaids in the outer pocket.
    6A01C1D4-7075-466C-8420-D9692F559FAD.jpeg 5A996B5C-9EA5-455F-B091-9A0A1185D6BD.jpeg
  13. So cute! My cat would have done the same thing.
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  15. :love: