What's inside your Coach bag?

  1. I did a search to see if there was already a thread on this but didn't find one. But if there is already, I apologize. I've noticed in some of the other forums they have a thread like this and I just posted my pics on the LV thread.

    So, what's inside your Coach bag??

    Here's what's inside of my signature gallery tote:

    - Isabella Fiore "Anchor's Away" wallet
    - razr cellphone
    - makeup bag
    - wipes case
    - diaper
    - bib
    - keys
    - kleenex
    - bottle of aspirin for my frequent headaches
    I also usually have a sippy cup, fruit snacks or some other treat for the kids while we are out.
    IMG_1321.JPG IMG_1319.JPG
  2. There have been a few other threads like this, I'm trying to search for them so you don't get yelled at by anyone.
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  5. By the way, I love your wallet!
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