What's In Your Wardrobe?

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  1. Besides bags, what kind of apparel do you guys wear? Style? Designers? Shoes?
  2. i wear lots of jeans when i'm not at work. mostly 7 for all mankind, citizens, true religion, rock & republic, antiks. i also live in velour juicy couture tracksuits.

    for work it's pretty boring. j crew sweaters, banana republic, old navy!

    i recently bought this cape from L.A.M.B. it's totally cool looking, will make for some great black and white photos.

    shoes- kors and i love my gucci boots.
  3. I really love the Dolce and Gabbana sleeveless tops :love: The dior ones rock as well. I have a lot of those, and a bunch of black pants. I like track suits too :biggrin: I usually wear black or gray suits to research though.
  4. Juicy Couture track suits?
  5. Some of those :biggrin: I am also a huge fan of the Dior lounge wear, not exactly track suits, but damn comfortable! The Lily Pulitzer and St. John Sport track suits are in the closet too. As long as its comfortable and looks decent its okay with me :love:
  6. Fun topic! Besides purses, I love clothes =>

    daily wear: I practically live in denim (7FAM Flynts, Paige, AG, Frankie B's, and D&G dominates my closet) and then the brands for my tops are a variation of Lacoste, Marc Jacobs, and other stuff found in the impulse dpt.

    work wear: i just recently got a couple nanette lepore pieces but I usually just wear black slacks with a cute casual blouse.

    shoes: mostly Coach (heels, tennis shoes, flip flops).
  7. What about evening dresses?
  8. BCBGMaxazria. But they're more like cocktail dresses, I don't have any full blown gowns, I wish I did though :love: I'm envious of the people who get to attend such marvelous events!
  9. ooo evening wear! Most of my formal gowns are designed by Anne Namba.


    Shes a local designer and I'm a sucker for Asian accented gowns. Shes done pieces for Hilary Clinton as well as Days of Our Lives. Shes really fun to work with and always knows exactly whats in my head when shes drawing out my gown.

    I need to lose more weight so I can buy the Dior gowns *cross fingers*
  10. For jeans, I like Juicy Couture and Frankie B. I'm not really into expensive clothes. I'd rather spend the $$ on bags :P Most of my work clothes come from Express, Banana Republic and the Gap. My favorite stores for casual clothes are Urban Outfitters, American Eagle and local surf shops (I love Volcom clothes :love: )
  11. i dress casually most of the time, 90% of my wardrobe is ralph lauren. i do have some tops from versace,armani and escada.
    shoes: mostly prada, but i do have some pairs from dior and gucci.
  12. I agree with Cristina - my daily wardrobe is pretty boring (I prefer to think of it as "classic") and comes from Ann Taylor, J. Crew, Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic. I do like jeans a lot - True Religion, Serfontaine, and Citizens are in my closet. I have a few Marc Jacobs pieces here and there, but as far as "designers" go, that's about it. Oh, and shoes...I buy mostly from Nordstrom's and live in Rainbow flip-flops when it's warm, but I have a few designer pieces in there - Pucci, Chanel, Gucci, Jimmy Choos, Sigerson Morrison, Ferragamo rain boots, and Isabella Fiore.
  13. My daily work clothes are just like others here...Gap, Old Navy...boring! I guess I like a lot of "urban wear" cuz I love my Baby Phat sweats and Rocawear long sleeve tees. As far as designers go, I have some St. John/St. John Sport (I love their jean capris!), Marc Jacobs, a bit of Escada, Ralph Lauren...I mostly spend my clothes money on my daughter though...my budget goes towards the purses!

    Shoes is not my thing...I just go for Nine West or Coach. I love Nikes, though...only sneakers I wear.
  14. Everything! I am a true shopaholic! You name it, I've got it! Love, love love to shop.

    I have jeans (22 pair at last count) - 7's, Polo, some cute ones not really brand name. Sweaters (turtlenecks, chunky knits, cashmere) tshirts (long and short sleeve), shoes (67 pair at last count in the spring and I've purchase at least 10 more pair!), cami's, track suits, sweatshirts, suits (when I was a financial advisor), blazers, slacks, capris, shorts, skirts (not many, I'm not a skirt girl ;) ) dresses (not many of those either. A few gowns........scarfs, hats (about 10 or so), jewery - costume and real. Looking at this I see that I am out of hand :shame:

    Designers (high end)- Ralph Lauren, Donna Karen, 7 for all Mankind, LV, BCBG.

    Lower end - Banana Republic, The Limited, Express, Gap.
  15. I'm not too much into shoes, either. Most of the shoes in my closet are Enzo Angiolini, Steve Madden, Gianni Bini, Reaction by Kenneth Cole - stuff you'd get at Macy's and Dillard's. I have big, wide feet, so finding shoes is a problem for me and most of the time they're all uncomfortable, so why spend a lot of cash on them?

    My favorite pairs of shoes are my Reef flip flops and my black Converse one-stars. Casual and comfortable :biggrin: