What's in your wapity?

  1. Hey guys,

    I was just in the boutique for a keyholder and I ended up getting a wapity with it. Soooo cute, LVoe it!!! Would want to hear from y'all what's inside yours. Thanks:flowers:
  2. Right now it's holding all my "extra" cards...library card, Y card, Starbucks card, etc. etc. plus a few lip glosses. When I carry it on its own, it holds just 2-3 cards, my phone, keys and a lip gloss.

    Congratulations on your wapity! It's a useful little thing!
  3. couple of ccs, a lip gloss, compact, and my chocolate phone
    congrats on your new purchase~!
  4. Wapity is a great useful piece. Sometimes I use mine as a wallet. I can fit my phone, cards, money and a small lip gloss. L:heart:ve the wapity.
  5. Aww I love wapities. I wish I could join in.. :sad:

    Can you all post pics, for the love lorn amongst us to gaze longingly at?
  6. Nothing right now. But when I take her out of her dustbag, I usually can fit my Razr phone, keys, 2 glosses, cash, lisence and 2 cc's.
  7. Ipod, earphones and hotwire (usb connector). Wapity works perfect to keep it all together :smile:
  8. Oh, I love the wapity. It is useful for SO MANY things.

    When it is in my purse:
    I just put my Digital Camera in it.

    When I use it as a wristlet alone:
    I put my Credit Card, Drivers License ID, Social Security Card, Cash, Coins, Compact Mirror, Lip Gloss and Cell Phone. <---- Yup, it holds all of that with still room to spare.

    By the way, which Wapity did you get? ..... Mono? Black MC? White MC?

    It is an amazing LV piece ..... Congrats!
  9. I love my wapities. I ususally carry cc's, lipgloss, change, etc. It fits so much. Congrats on your new wapity.

  10. Hi!

    I have a mono Wapity and a black MC Wapity that I use as wallets. ID, credit cards, cash, medical insurance card (doesn't reflect SSN), cell phone, lip balm, and sometimes my Bluetooth earpiece for my phone.

    But, I wanted to mention that I wouldn't recommend anyone to carry their Soc. Sec. card in their Wapity or any wallet for security purposes. If you lose your Wapity, then someone else could use your Driver's license PLUS your Soc. Sec. card to open up new credit card accounts online or even in person....

    You only need your Soc. Sec. card when you start a new job for I-9 purposes (Soc. Sec. card plus a license to prove that you can legally work in the U.S.). I would recommend keeping your Soc. Sec. card at home in a safe/secure place and only pull it out when you really need it instead of carrying it with you on a daily basis.
  11. I LOVE MY WAPITY: I use it as a little bag
  12. Awww, I'm dying to get one! I'd love a black one in which to put all my iPod stuff, and a mono for other bits'n'bobs I currently carry in a felt Kikki-K case - band-aids, pills, hair ties, screwdriver set for glasses; and I'll definitely use it for my digi cam when I get a new one. Heh, or maybe I'll just have to get the white mono for that one when it comes!

    (If anyone's thinking of selling, let me know!) :sneaky: