What's in your Saddle?

  1. Ok, I admit that this is "inspired" from the LV fourm. Let's all post pics of our saddles with name, price and what we keep in it:yahoo: :yahoo: I will post mine in tomorrow...cant find the camera!! Come on ladies, lets do this!!!!!
  2. Hi diorlover!

    Does the Gaucho count as a saddle bag? :smile:
  3. I guess!!
  4. Here's my indoor pic of my Gaucho...it actually looks a lot better in real life (please see my other picture in the "Dior Collections Let's Share" thread). I added a watermark because apparently some scam artists have accounts on TPF and steal pictures from us.
    May Day's Dior Gaucho.jpg
  5. the gaucho is so much more popular than the humble old saddle. shame really.
  6. i'll be posting Pics hopefully tomorrrow .. have to admit Saddles cant fit much =(