Whats in your Hayden Harnett (PICS)

  1. does this thread exist?

    I'm hoping to see what fits in some of these bags, thanks.
  2. LOL, I think you're first.
  3. Heh heh...I think I took some pics of the ridiculous amount of things I could stuff in my Nico XX. Let me see if I can find them...

    Here they are! It's like Santa's bag, it holds so much.
    1. What it looks like full
    2. Inside was a t-shirt, tank top, pair of jeans, hoodie, sunglass case, eyeglass case, medium sized pencil box, and large chameleon organizer with (if I remember correctly) larget wallet, small notebook, coin purse, various pens, Tide-to-Go, small mirror, various lipglosses and balms, keys, cell phone. I probably could've tucked a water bottle and small paperback into one of the outside pockets, too.
    DSC01845.jpg DSC01851.jpg
  4. Oh I cant wait for my HH to arrive and add pics. I love seeing in others bags, not to be nosy peray but just see the colors and cute things people tend to carry around.
  5. Come on ladies lets fill this thread with colorful stuff :yahoo:
  6. This little bag isnt so little :yahoo:


    Yes it will all fit in there :smile:

  7. BUMP!!!

    Show us what fits in these hot bags :smile:
  8. I'm in...for some reason I'm finding it hard to post pics...I'll try again.
  9. I love your turtle key chain!
  10. In my chocolate havana hobo:

    wallet, cosmetic case, planner, cell, Ipod, keys, headband, pen, coupons and work badge
  11. ^^ wow that holds a ton.
  12. Thanks.
  13. I couldn't attach the pics so...I'll keep trying.
  14. whats the issue, are they too big ?
  15. ^^ Yes...but I've posted pictures before and I never had a problem.Don't know what I'm doing wrong:sad: