What's in your Chanel bag?

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  1. A borrowed idea from the Balenciaga girls! :love:

    I love seeing what gadgets and accessories are packed into other people's bags. I've usually only got the essentials, but hopefully this thread will display a whole range of lovely Chanel bags and the treasures nestled inside of them!

    Also, it gives you a good idea of what can fit into all the different Chanel totes! Please contribute if you can. :shame:

    What's in your Chanel bag?

  2. I'll get the ball rolling... :idea:

    Here's my packed Chanel for today!

    chanelin1.jpg chanelin2.jpg chanelin3.jpg
  3. Lily your bag is beautiful! Is it out for this season? The color looks like its gold and i love the slouchy look.

    I don't have a classic except for a mini evening one which doesn't hold much.
  4. Today (lux off-white tote): sidekick3, 2 sets of keys, LV medium agenda, gum, chanel wallet, and a bunch of papers
  5. today :
    Makeup bag w/ everything in it .
    Chanel wallet
    Pink Kenneth Cole planner
    Gucci sunnies and case
  6. nothing but tissue paper, my second chanel bag got today .....soon.
  7. In my black 226 reissue:
    Long Chanel wallet
    lipgloss, compact
    victorinox card (got to be prepared!)
  8. makeup bag, sidekick 3, set of keys, pencil & pen, small cambon bill-fold

    in the pockets i have: small tube of lotion, chanel lip gloss, chapstick, orbitz gum & compact
  9. <-------------------In my large cambon tote:

    Cell phone
    tissue pack
    agenda book
    hand sanitizer
    pencil for Sudoku
  10. my 2.55 reissue in large size: caviar compact wallet, phone, eye drops, keycase, and a MAC lipstick. I couldn't fit my entire make up case in (too wide for the purse) I wish Chanel had some makeup cases at the moment that can fit into the reissue ! If anyone saw one please let me know. I've ordered one but it won't be here till October !
  11. Which one did you order?
  12. In my white medallion tote today:

    chanel cambon cc holder
    shiseido oil sheets
    sidekick 3
    small make up case
    with more than enough room to spare, but the other day i was able to roll up a top and a skirt that fit into my bag as well!
  13. Am I the only one who's photo-happy this week? :P

    Ah well, it's interesting to read that some one you ladies actually carry so much in your bags!

    And pens!!! I must be only one who's paranoid about pen leakage? :shame:
  14. Lookie, I'm picture happy too:smile::rolleyes:
    LV French Coin Wallet
    LV Checkbook Cover w/ Checkbook DUH!
    Cell phone w/ Black MC Strap
    LV Charms Cabas Taupe Cles w/ Car Keys
    LV MC White Cles w/ PO Box Key only (Dumb)
    Chanel Reading Glasses in case
    LV&CC Sunglasses
    Prescription DRUGS !!!!!!
    Business card holder
    1 pen
    Oh and my authenticity card
  15. I :heart: all your Louis Vuitton accessories, keykey36!

    For some reason, most regular LV bags do not appeal to my tastes, but the accessories are always fantastic! :nuts:
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