Whats in my bag VIDEO

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  1. [​IMG]

    a video of whats inside my fall 08 anthracite first.:biggrin:
  2. ^^Is there suppose to be a link to the video? I can't see it.:sad:
  3. yes, please post a link - i love your videos!
  4. the video did'nt show up.:sad:

    heres the link

  5. ^^ Thank you for sharing! I love your videos! You're so adorable!! Love, love , love the eye make-up!!
  6. Love your eye make-up. You are stunning. Love the video...
  7. Great video! Love the bag and your makeup is gorgeous! :biggrin:
  8. Love the video ... that was so much fun! Made me want to dig out my MAC lipgloss again. :smile:
  9. I love your video, your bag, and your makeup!!! Hot!
  10. I love the accent! Love listening to and watching your videos.
  11. Off topic...you're wallpaper is great!
  12. Nice video. You have great style!
  13. Yay! I love your videos! :smile:
  14. Fantastic video! I love your wallpaper and eye make-up, especially!
  15. Love it!! You are gorgeous, and your bag is TDF!

    How did you get your sidekick to work in the uk?