What’s happened to Mulberry leather?

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  1. #31 Feb 1, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2019
    Well I'm still impressed, that's a lot of prunning I think you could stop now. I've still got one Bays, a couple of Lilys and my furry Harriet.
    I miss my Lexies, should have kept one but like you they weren't being used and I felt I had to be ruthless..........I'll need the space when we finally move to a smaller property.
    I'm with you on LV, I was never a fan of the coated canvas but now I love it, light and practical I've just ordered the Clapton backpack and it's on the way could be going straight back though!
    Have you kept your Chanel and Hermes?

    Gosh Elvis, that's an impressive amount of Mulbs.............you could open you're own Boutique.
    Do you still use them all?
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  2. They REALLY need to bring the old leathers back. While I'm sure they know that there are lots of 'trend' buyers who switch out and sell bags every year or season, we're not all like that. I know that I buy bags that I'll use and run into the ground. What they're making now ain't it
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  3. I’m in mourning for myself, being daft enough to move on my Mabels (especially the purple one) ...
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  4. Ooh - that’s interesting, elvis; I didn’t know that! My friend was happy with her purchases, but I’m much more interested in the “real” Coach bargains if the leather is so much better!
  5. Rogues were 60% off this sale
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