What’s happened to Mulberry leather?

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  1. Hello! I totally agree with what has just been said. Most of my current 10 Mulberry bags are in the older leathers , either Darwin oak (Euston, hand held Jamie ), or the tumbled black and brown leathers that my various Somerset bags are in.
    ( I've owned over 25 different ones at various times! )
    The problem is that many of the bags on current selling sites are of the newer leathers, and I've struggled to sell my oak Darwin leather bags because they seem old fashioned!
    I just love the leather smell they give, compared to a couple of the more modern leather bags I have, so for now I shall keep them and enjoy them, not worrying about using them in all weathers.
    I've bought some of the current satchel styles in the grained leather, and ended up selling them on or sending them back - the feel, the quality, and smell are just not there for me, but I appreciate that we're all different, ( thank goodness! ) and as it's already been mentioned, there are new followers and traditionalists, and we're all Mulberry maids at heart!
    I love to see the range of styles, even if some are not to my preference, but the older styles are the ones that make my heart sing!
    Thank you for all your comments on this topic.
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  2. My oak NVT Bayswater arrived, ordered from the US Mulberry website, and it was *very* different from my older oak NVT SBS. The regular Bayswater leather was very uniform (and drab). The leather hardly smelled like actual leather and was also rather stiff. The nail in the coffin, however, was the fact that one of the front flaps had a sizable crease, so back it went!

    The leather on my older SBS, in comparison, is beautiful and the shade of brown is somewhat nuanced. The leather is soft and supple, and it smells wonderful (even years later).

    I ended up purchasing /another/ oak NVT Bays from a UK store and am having it shipped. The SA took some pictures of the bag and it looks a lot more like my SBS, so I’m hopeful! Fingers crossed.
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  3. I have 8 Mulberry bags but last bought one in 2014 maybe 2015. I feel since Emma Hill left the the styles offered no longer appeal to me and I have read that the leather and hardwear quality has suffered, yet the prices go up and up. I see many Mulberry bags in my local John Lewis and the quality does not seem to be as good as the bags I own so no more M bags for me ☹️
  4. I am afraid that across all brands the quality goes down while prices go up. Also with clothing.
  5. Ah yes, I’ve seen you’re a big fan of Coach, dear elvis! Which styles are your favourites/do you recommend?
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  6. I’m absolutely with you on all of this, dear mulberrygal! I downsized my collection, but haven’t bought anything from Mulberry since the rebranding. I still have my oak Bayswater, small Antony and Lily, but have bought a couple of gorgeous LV Speedy 25s, which I love.

    Agree that pre-loved is the best way to get a traditional Bays - you can email Shian at NPN to register your interest.
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    I just noticed your lovely LVs :loveeyes: Mayfly and posts on "who's in the passenger seat" and replied to you there. :flowers:

    Gosh, have you only the three Mulbs left.......that's amazing, you're an inspiration! I need to move on a few more of mine that just sit on the shelf
  8. Hi Gilly! Great to see you again (I still remember you buying that amazing lilac Mabel from NPN!) - I’ve not been here for ages, either ...

    I’m with the other posters - I feel Mulberry lost something when Emma Hill left and I wasn’t a fan of the microfibre linings. I downsized my collection and haven’t replaced it with any new models. To be fair, I haven’t seen any in person, but I can’t bring myself to buy anything without the iconic tree, even if they actually appealed to me!
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  9. Hi sweetie! Alas, no; these are the three oak ladies (plus the oak Drawstring, which I’d forgotten!)
    I still have a couple each of: Bayswater, Lily, Alexa and Willow, along with one Mabel and one Mini Taylor! More pruning yet, methinks!
    I love my LV girls: they’re light and hassle-free!
    That said, my friend was carrying the hibiscus SBS this morning and it looked absolutely stunning!
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  10. Rogue all three sizes 25 31 and 36 superb thick leather with suede inside lush
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  11. One mabel ???? Gosh!!I have kept nearly all my mulbs I just won t buy any more ever i still have 95 and love them
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  12. I had to be ruthless, dear elvis; I just wasn’t using them, so off they went - even my stunning purple/gunmetal girl ... Youve made me nostalgic now!
    I’ve kept the patent shark grey (and have just remembered that my daughter has squirrelled away an orange Mini somewhere!)
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  13. I was in Bicester Village a few years ago, en route to a funeral down south, and enabled my friend to buy three Coach bags and a wallet - I was very impressed with the leather quality! She got a lot for her money - they had an extra 10% off on top of the 30% reduction that day. I don’t think any of them was a Rogue, though - one was definitely a floppy shoulder style that sort of folded in the middle (I’ve coveted it ever since!)
  14. sadly coach outlets rarely sell retail bags mainly ones.just.made.for the outlets i don't like them the difference in quality from retail is vast!!! But coach have awesome sales 50-60% off
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  15. I'm in mourning for your Mabels
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