What's going on with this? *see pic*

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  1. Ok I just sold a bag and I sent an invoice to the buyer. After few minutes, I checked the my eBay again, it showed this error(see pic) "there is no sold item" :wtf: but my selling feature is still working fine. I checked the sold confirmation in my email account, and I tried to click the item, but showed nothing. What happened? Did eBay just remove the sold item after it's sold? or what? :crybaby:Buyer remorse again? :crybaby:
  2. maybe, it's down right now :shrugs: . That's what I see when I tried to check the items I recently bought.
  3. I hope so...i m so worried that eBay removed my item again. Thanks.
  4. np.. ok, I checked ebay again and I don't see that error anymore. What about u?
  5. oh yeah~ it's back...oops over reacting...:sweatdrop:
  6. So sad...ebay's crap made us a little paranoid. The other day I was walking in a dark alley and I heard footsteps behind me, I started walking faster...then they started walking faster. I ran, they ran. I got to the end of the alley and screamed, "I've had enough, I'm not going to take you removing any more of my listings!" And just like that they were gone. True story! lol
  7. i get that red error message up top some times. if you wait 20 mins and refresh, it may go away. ebay may just be doing some updates.
  8. I've had that come up a lot - more so last year than this year. I think it must be when part of their server is down (sorry, I'm not very technical). If you go back later, it is usually up again, Another delight of being an ebay customer!