What's black, and white, and striped all over?

  1. That would be the latest additions to my Coach family!

    I must say, I NEVER thought I would own a white bag. EVER. But then the Poppy line came out last year...I was strong, really. I was. And then the Signature Poppy Demi went on sale at Macy's. :shame: (At an insane price!) And that wristlet with the two pockets it was on sale too...loved the combo of the khaki C's against the white, it was just so crisp and springy. Oh and the Swing Pack...and the Skinny Mini... :graucho:

    Fast forward...the new Legacy line was out...I thought I wanted the Courier. Was instantly drawn to the white...the black was okay, even the signature, and the whiskey...eh. But the white, MAN OH MAN...:drool:

    Well that Courier. First, I LOVE big bags, but there was something about it...I couldn't put my finger on it. We were there the day everything launched...I left with the striped pony tail scarf, and only the pony tail scarf. I tried on all the white bags all of them...and FINALLY came to the realization about what bugged me on that Courier bag...it was the strap...it's so WIDE. So I decided. FINALLY. I went with the shoulder zip. I LOVE it! It's the perfect size, and the strap is not as wide. I couldn't leave without the matching wallet...and I am "permanantly borrowing" my Mom's change purse.

    As for my new black bags, I've had these for awhile (okay, the Swing Pack only a week!) and I am finally getting around to taking their picture. We've got the Soho Signature Large Flap and matching wallet, and the newest Hamptons Signature Swing Pack (with my pig charm).

    I've got my eye on the Legacy Stripe iPod cover...and after that, I am on a ban for awhile. Between Coach and Louis Vuitton (and a Juicy Couture bowler bag), I am on major purse overload!
    legacy01.jpg legacy02.jpg legacy03.jpg coach_black01.jpg coach_black02.jpg
  2. Cute!! Congrats:smile:
  3. Niccceee!...great choices. :yes: Congrats!
  4. nice collection. congrats!
  5. Foo! Every time I convince myself I don't really want a white bag, one of you $#@!! PFers has to buy one and go posting pretty pictures of it! Curse you! Curse you all!!!!

    Translation: Gorgeous bag!!
  6. Woohoo! COngrats!!!
  7. Congrats you got alittle bit of everything. I love the new legacy & all it's accessories. Congrats & thanks for sharing.
  8. A Beauty! Congrats!
  9. krispin, I LOVE your new stuff! You are going to love your Legacy Shoulder Zip. I really don't remember ever loving a bag this much! Enjoy it!
  10. exactly.
    and now, who wants to go shopping?! :graucho:
  11. the white is TDF. wear it well!
  12. Bwahahahahaha!! LOL! Seriously, it took ALOT to get me to this point. But I fondled that bag every week since the line first launched, and my Mom finally convinced me to get it, since she knew it would forever be on my mind. She got the whiskey version of this bag too.

    I am still trying to get over the after Labor Day thing...but I do live in CA, and it was 80 degrees yesterday!
  13. krispin- enjoy your new goodies - they're gorgeous (I have the pig charm too and love him!). Congrats!
  14. It is GORGEOUS! *is jealous* CONGRATS!
  15. Hi, GORGEOUS..is it comfortable on your shoulder?? Light or heavy??