What's black and white and red all over?

  1. My giant hardware cities. :heart: And now I'm on waitlist for the new bright yellow for S/S too...

  2. Congrats!!! Nice variety in your collection ... can't wait to see your yellow. :smile:
  3. Super cute title - love your GH cities. And the yellow will be such a great color to add to the mix - are you buying it in the GH also?
  4. thank you and yes I'm continuing my love affair with the giant hardware with the yellow as well...someone had posted a pic in another thread of what it should look like with the silver hardware and that sold me.:yes:
  5. Awesome triplet!! :tup:
  6. beautiful collection! congrats
  7. GORGEOUS!!! Is that red a Tomato? LOVE your trios!!!
  8. Congrats. I spied a lovely red.:drool:
  9. A newspaper!! (haha did anyone else know that joke growing up? Get it, black and white and read all over? Ok, sorry, corny I know. Back to topic)

    Your bags are gorgeous! i love that you have 2 basics, and then that stunning pop of red!!
  10. Beautiful collection! Doos anyone know when the regular season colors are supposed to come out? (Aka Turq. Bright Yellow and Vermillion Red?)
  11. cute title! congrats

    purplewithenvy > if buy online, AR says it's between end feb to apr.
  12. Yes, it is a Tomato. I love a red bag. Just waiting for summer so I can use the white.
  13. Love your bags - especially the red! Cute title too.
  14. Beautiful!:tup:
  15. love them all!