What's a trend you DON'T want to see revived ??

  1. Personally, I hope no one ever brings back the JELLY handbag. Never had one, never could stand them. I thought they had the most terrible rubber smell.....
  2. I know some bags are out there still being made with massive amounts of fringe, but I just can't seem to love those at all. Lots of those bags from the 70's.......
  3. OMG fringe is the absolute worst nightmare a handbag in my eyes could see... some people LOVE it but i just CANNOT stand fring. it makes the bag look WEIRD!
  4. Big hair! Wait, are we talking handbag trends? Let's see...Oh I Know, the fanny pack. Eww
  5. about the jelly, well it's close, now the clear bag is a trend and i freaking hate it LOL

    i don't want fringe cowboy bags too, and small bag trend, i love my bag big :p
  6. bum-bags (fanny packs) - ick!
  7. Another vote for the fanny pack...
    Although, for some, I don't think this "trend" ever died... I still see quite a few people with them

    *shudders uncontrollably*
  8. I hate the clear bags, but I suppose you could just stick all your stuff into smaller designer cosmetic bags INSIDE the clear bag, then you double your look, no?
  9. Oh, and I hate BOWS on things. Don't put a bow on my bag! Remember when bows on shoes were so hot that you could actually buy different bows to change the look of your shoes? uggggghhhh
  10. Jelly bags & shoes were horrible, unfortunately had the shoes as a kid. Ditto fanny pack. Never have been fond of the gold mesh Whitting & Davis accessories.
  11. I agree with fanny packs, jelly totes, and fringes. Fanny packs are so unflattering. I don't even understand the popularity of that Gucci belt bag. I don't care who makes it or who wore it on a certain popular TV show, it's still a fanny pack to me. Jelly totes are gross. They stink like rubber and they just look awful. Fringes are hideous. All that Prada stuff that just came out with fringes all over is just plain fugly.
    I don't like teeny tiny bags either. A tiny bag makes you look bigger, I think. If you're already a little curvy, a small bag looks stupid next to your body.
  12. FANNY PACKS! :yucky: :yucky: :yucky: Someone mentioned some trends that apparantly is still on, like the fringes.. I agree that the rabies line of prada should be shot.
  13. ^^^ Agree 100% with all of these! Tiny bags are also impractical, IMO.
  14. jelly bags yuck!!! fanny packs yuck!! Didn't carrie from sex and the city try to bring that back - Leggings but not a hanfdbag but I ahte them. only looks good on little teens girls or stick figures.
  15. Fanny-packs are atrocious and should never make a return!