What's a reasonable time to wait for payment?

  1. I don't sell very often on ebay, only occasionally to purge a few things that I find myself just not using. So far I've been very lucky and every buyer always paid immediately after auction closed.

    Now I have this buyer who hasn't paid or communicated for 24 hours. I know it's not that long yet, but I am just wondering what's considered a reasonable time to wait before I send her a prodding email?

    I sent her an invoice already immediately after auctioned ended, and my terms did request buyer contact within 24 hours and payment within 7 days.
  2. What's a reasonable time to wait for payment? One week.
  3. One week for payment itself, no problem, but I'd feel a lot better if she just emailed and said so, or even asked for more than 7 days.

    Are you saying that I should wait in silence for a week even if I don't hear from her at all?
  4. I agree with you, she should email you though! I liek to pay right away, but if I don't I like to write to seller. Wait like 2 more days, and then sent her a friendly reminder of the invoice.
  5. Well, this is what normal people do. They either pay or notify seller when they plan to do so.
    I ask Ebay life help about this problem once, they told me if you sent your invoice and got no response-wait a week for payment, then relist and so on...
  6. Ebay allows you to file an umpaid item dispute after seven days. Some sellers like to send a payment reminder after 3 days of no contact. Either way Ebay won't enforoce anything before the seven days (up to the the very last minute) have passed.

    Still, I find things like that really annoying - it is just polite to at least let the seller know when to expect payment.
  7. It would be nice if she did email you, but it's not a rule I don't think, so although I tell my buyers to pay immediately, I give them 7 days since that is what eBay gives them before you can report anything to them.

    I've had people not respond to me and then pay on the 6th or 7th day.
  8. Payment received within 10 days. I send invoices right after the auction is over. I normally put in the terms in the listing so the buyers know or I will relist.
  9. The only way to ensure immediate payment is to not use the auction format. Use only Buy It Now and use the Immediate Payment function. That pretty well ends any issues of when payment will be received. And that's what I did when I sold things on eBay. Sure, you may get more money if you use the auction and the fees are less, but I just wanted to get rid of some stuff and not suffer all these headaches. I never had to send out invoices or worry about getting paid. Much like when you buy at any other online store you HAVE to pay right away or you don't get the item.

    My two cents worth.
  10. I don't expect sellers to contact me at all unless they intend to pay by check or MO. I usually just sit and wait and they pay me in 3 days.
  11. I think by ebay rules you have to give them 7 days. I myself usually pay right away...my first item I sold I had to wait 2/3 days before the buyer paid, I was getting alittle nervous.

  12. YES! Exactly Prada Psycho!

    7 days is what Ebay gives the buyer which is WAY too long ---
    7 days is like a long hold, and there are not many stores that I'm aware of that will do that without anything from the buyer.
    Reasonable is within 24 hours - hopefully Ebay will change this policy some day, but then again a bidder who has no intention of paying won't care anyway.
  13. I had a really bad buyer recently....did buy it now on a cardigan I was selling. Refused to pay by cheque or postal order as they said it was too dangerous! :nuts:

    I didnt offer paypal on that auction but they refused to pay any other way, so in the end I used my friend's account. I sent 2 invoices and finally got payment 3 weeks later. (I had opened a dispute by this time).

    I posted the cardigan off to the buyer and she left me negative feedback saying I didnt mention that the cardigan was cropped!! I was stunned after all I did for her, waiting for payment etc!

    I reminded her I was well within my rights to have ended the dispute and give her a non-paying bidder strike, and also that she didnt ask me any questions about the cardigan before doing buy it now!

    Aghhh I hate ebay at mo!
  14. Well, it's been 4 days and I have sent a reminder in between, still nothing. I will wait until the 6th day and send her a final reminder/warning to dispute.

    Damn this bugs me. Expecially since there were other bids and I can't even do a second-chance until 7 days are over. Wierdiest of all is that this buyer has 100% feedback (250) since 2001, so she really has a spotless history.

    Prada Psycho, you have a good point. This is the first time this has happened to me, but it bugs me enough already. I will remember the BIN format next time around.
  15. Actually, I think 7 days is just fine for payment. It's different than IRL cos people have to log onto the internet, check their email etc. Not everyone is online all the time. It's worse if they use a sniper, since they may not be sure when the auctions end.

    I'd give the buyer the benefit of the doubt (bad internet connection, hectic work life etc) until the 7th day, and then just file a complaint after that :yes:
    But then, that's just me because I know I give sellers mild attacks when the auctions end over a holiday weekend - I NEVER log on until I'm back from the holiday! :shame::lol: