What's a good price for a slightly used black quilted stam??

  1. I just bought my topaz stam (my dream bag) and have a black quilted stam and a cashew stam hobo that I want to sell...can someone tell me what a good price for it is??

    I'm kinda confused and really want some knowledgeable insight into how much my babies will bring me before i waist my time posting it.

    All help you have would be greatly appreciated!
  2. can you tell me what season the black stam is from? i think i can help you :smile:
  3. the black stam is f06 and stam hobo is s06
  4. Be careful with this discussion... I have seen the mods censor these conversations before... Just FYI;)
  5. mods i'm not trying to sell on TPF....just trying to see what will be good amount. thanks
  6. if it's very gently used, like new, i think you could do a BIN of between $699-875.

    i know a lot of people are wary of selling high ticket items on eBay, but normally when i sell my bags, i do at least a 7 day listing, sometimes 10 and start my listing with $.33 starting bid and nor reserve. A lot of people will probably say this is risky, but i always seem to come out okay. It gives a lot of people time to add this to their watch list, the low price lures a lot of people in and the no reserve allows basically anyone to bid an possibly be a high bidder in the auction duration.

    many times i see reserve auctions lose interest because people get frustrated that they keep bidding and the reerves have still not have been met.

    another good way to see how the eBay market is too is to log in and search 'marc jacobs stam' then view the 'completed auctions' by selecting that option on the bar on the left hand side of the screen. it will show you all the lisitings that have ended recently, if the items sold and what they sold for.

    good luck!
  7. thaks june.... i've sold lots of items, like 10 bags on eBay...i guess i'm more emotional since these are my bags...i'll post it
  8. Correct me if I am wrong ladies, but buyers on ebay WANT real black stams. I've been watching the ones that get authenticated on this forum and it seems like they always go for more than $600. We all know that when seriouse buyers weed through all the crapy fakes and finally find a real black stam on ebay they are ready to bid high. I agree with jun3machina, I don't think you should be worried about getting good $$ for a bag that never goes on sale.:heart:
  9. ^^i know spacey i thought $600-800 too, but i'm sooooo friggin worried i guess....i just want to get the best i can....these are my babies and it's jus hard for me to let go UNLESS i can get what i want for them, thanks for your advice ladies.
  10. I agree with the other members...I have been watching them and they are going between $500-$800 on ebay.
    Good Luck!!!:tup:
  11. oh ma gawd...it's so pathetic there are like 10 authentic stams out of 39 and only 2 AUTHENTIC stams
  12. ^^quilted and black not patchwork
  13. you could always try a once around and list it with the lowest amount you want to get as your starting bid, and a decent BIN a bit more than that. As long as there's no reserve, if you dont sell it the first time around, ebay will let you relist for free :yes:
  14. OMG... I wish i'd known this... now i will do that from now on.

    thanks june
  15. glad i could be of some help