Whatever happened to Chucky? (and some friends of his?)

  1. I've kind of lost track of the Chucky threads and I'd like to know what happened....is he still with us? Was he exchanged? Sold? Someone enlighten me please LOL:lol: .

    And while we're at it...Black Spot Edith? Did she get kept at a discount??? Returned???

    Thanks peeps:lol:
  2. Chucky was replaced by a more scrumpled Whiskey Edith... he is on his way back to NM online. And I believe ET accepted the discount for her Black Spot Edith She sold the Chamois to another PF member.

    Happy endings for all! (Well, maybe not poor Chucky, hee, hee).
  3. Thanks Roey,you're a star!! Poor Chucky...I hope he'll find a good home and a mommy to love him after all :lol: .

    Glad to hear of the happy endings everywhere else though!
  4. Morning Quirky! Yes, when I pulled myself away from PF long enough to check NM I quickly snagged another Edith cycling thru, and she beats Chucky hands down! (once his hypnotic trance wore off) :smile:

    Chucky's actually still lurking around... I'm conducting a non-scientific experiment - partly for hc and part cuz I haven't pulled myself away from PF long enough to hit the post - to see IF shoved in a smaller box (the one his replacement came in) he might gain some scrumples. Not for me, but in theory, ya know? I checked on him last night and he didn't look naturally scrumpled, just P.O.'ed, so I think I'd better get him the heck outta here soon. :P

    I also thought I might leave behind a plastic eyeball in his front pocket since nobody ever looks in there and NM is known for not checking before re-shipping. Kind of a "Where in the World is Chucky?" And when someone posts that they got this psycho looking Edith with an eyeball, we'd all know it's ChuckY! But that might give the next person a heart-attack instead so I'll resist... ;)

    Yes, happy ending had by all or most... now on to the next bag! :nuts:
  5. Blu, you are too funny - leaving an eyeball in the front pocket would be insanely hysterical! And you never know, the new owner might be able to score a discount if she calls NM to complain about her one-eyed bag!
  6. Ooooh, we're baaaaaaaaaaaaad!
  7. I think for Edith, too smooth leather doesn't make it stand out...I am glad that you finally snatch one off NM. I wish there is such tool that you can set up against certain website with the item you want, then when it is available on line, you will get the "beeping" service.:idea:
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol: It gets better than I thought....leaving an eyeball and introducing another buyer to the Fellowship of Chucky:biggrin: .

    i think I may just faint if I find something like that though...especially in a bag with such an attitude LOLOL.

    Glad you have one with which you are happy now!!
  9. Hehe, I heart Chucky! I would love to buy an Edith and know it was him.
  10. Sanguar if you're seriously interested in the original Chucky, he's still sitting behind me at work ready to go to the post office.... I didn't offer him up to the masses cuz I didn't want anyone to be disappointed with him, thus with me! He should cycle through NM online in about 2 weeks, but if anyone really wants to secure the actual Leather Living Legend complete with complimentary eyeballs, just let me know! :smile:
  11. :worried:I wish I could afford him... I tried to buy one a few weeks ago online at NM, but was cancelled. When I told FH he was sooooo mad. We're trying to be debt free (unless you count student loans)! I know he'll end up in a good home. You should at least put some kind of note in there so his new owner will know his name!
  12. :smile: Hi I just wanted to say how much I am laughing!! at your story, love it!
  13. Blu-
    leave the eyeball in the pocket! Or better yet, leave both! :smile: :lol: :lol: