What year(s) was the Indigo color

  1. Hello

    I've been reading the forum and trying to figure out which bag and color I like. I have narrowed it down to a Venetia in Indigo. As far as I know, Indigo was from past collections right? Do you know what year(s) it was? Is there any chance of me getting this bag anywhere else other than eBay? There was one auction for an Indigo Venetia recently that I missed out on.

  2. Both versions of Dark Indigo are from fall 04. One has baby blue suede lining and the other has burgundy. The chances of finding this color at a retail outlet are slim to none. I think eBay is probably your best bet. Good luck!

  3. Definitely try ebay. I purchased my dark indigo (the one with the teal interior) Venetia on ebay this summer and it has quickly become my favorite bag. I got a GREAT deal on a mint-condition bag. I've seen both the indigo and dark indigo a couple of times since then. Good luck!