What would your super power be?

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  1. Another one just for fun! If you could choose a super power, what would it be?

    I would love to travel back and forth in time. I am so intriged with the pas and love historical fiction it would be so awesome to go back and actually experience history, but be able to come back to all the comforts and safety of home!
  2. This is a great topic! My super-power would be the ability to wiggle my nose just like Samantha on bewitched! I could have a perfectly clean house and work somewhere (just by wiggling my nose) and make lots of money to buy lots of handbags!
  3. :biggrin: this is fun for a friday afternoon!

    my super power would be to FLY (so i don't have to sit on a plane for 13+ hours to get to my dream holiday)
  4. Turn back time.
  5. I'd like to make those trips with you - I am a complete "time travel" freak - I love to travel to places with powerful history and I read books on the topic constantly!!.
  6. time travel NEVER works out well!!!! lol.

    I think it would be awesome to fly. :smile:
  7. Immortality coupled with eternal youth.. like a vampire but without the blood sucking ! That'd be fab, then I could work on all those time travelling, money making schemes witha ll that time ;)
  8. To beable to spot a fake a mile away! ha ha ha!

    I'd say fly!
  9. I would love the ability to see into the future.

    I am the kind of person that does not like surprises (bad ones in particular) and always wants to be in the know. Besides, knowing the winning lottery numbers ahead of time would be so cool.
  10. The ability to stop time; to be invisible; or to be able to heal sickness.
  11. Mine would be witchcraft and live in the Harry Potter world. I just love the books. I would definetly be a witch not a muggle like I am now and I would fight right on Harry's side against the one-who- must- not- Be-named. I love this thread.
  12. i am sure i'll be the craziest!! :lol: its that childish long forbidden dream! loooooooool
    i wanna be Rock-1 "Meg" from that Bionic Six cartoon.. i am sure those of you born early 80's remember them as their Heroes :blink:!! <<loool or at least i do ;)
  13. Hmm....I think I would love to fly, since I'm really skittish about flying in general.
  14. Well, we won't let you in our time machine!! so don't worry.:nuts: :nuts:
  15. I would love to able to teleport from place to place!