what would your last meal on Earth be?

  1. mine would be my Mummy's spring rolls, followed by Thai Green Prawn Curry with rice, plus lots and lots of shellfish and then fresh watermelon juice blended with crushed ice.
  2. Vietnamese spring rolls (the fresh kind), shrimp or lobster w/butter and garlic, Korean short rib (Kalbi) steamed rice, Kimchi, Filet mignon or lamb from Morton's steak house, and Hite beer. OOhh Thai papaya salad and my stuffed mushrooms too.

    I'm hungry!:drool:
  3. white steamed rice, orange chicken, steamed veggies and hot ice cream sundae!! lol yum
  4. Prawn cocktail for starters, Fillet steak, creamed potatoes, fried onions & tomatoes with broccoli in a cheese sauce and some pepper sauce with a cheese board to finish & of course some fabby wine then a strong coffee & a glass of LVMH to see me off!!!!!
    Well it is my last meal for goodness sake LOLOLOL!!!
  5. I beleive I answered this in another thread , but I'm too lazy to look. lol.

    Cheeseburger and fries for me.

    OOH, and a milkshake.
  6. as much salmon sashimi and soft shell crabs as i could possibly stuff in my mouth!
  7. oh man.... i cannot pick only one.... I would like to go to an all you can eat korean seafood restaurant. only after eating every dish there, I will be happy leaving the earth.
  8. ^ LOL. I'm the same way. I don't even have a favorite food-- I like everything! :nuts:

    I think it would totally depend on my mood at that moment...
  9. Filet mignon, prawns, asparagus, Thai curry, rice and a Godiva martini.
  10. My Grammy's chicken nuggest, creamed corn and home fries with an artichoke on the side. I know it sounds weird but it was my favorite meal with her.
  11. You made my mouth water, lol. :drool:

    I don't think I could just pick one thing right now, especially since I'm so hungry... at this point it would be just about anything, lol.
  12. It would depend, but would certainly include ice cream, cake and chocolate. My last "meal" would likely be just sweets!
  13. mcdonald's fries... yes, i am a sicko:p
  14. appetizer - sushi (salmon, hamachi/yellowtail, amaebi/raw shrimp, and uni are must have, but others would be appreciated)
    soup - my Grandpa's oyster chowder
    salad - Thai green mango salad
    first course - Chilean sea bass with black bean sauce
    second course - filet mignon and lobster tail
    third course - Singapore chili crab with bread
    dessert - platter of tiramisu, Cheesecake Factory Godiva chocolate cheesecake, mango mochi, chocolate raspberry mousse cake, dark chocolate covered strawberries, creme brulee, and chocolate souffle
    drink - Arnold Palmer

    Then I can die happy.
  15. Surf and Turf...or just a huge load of sushi and sushimi.