What would you prefer? Diamonds or LV?

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  1. Are diamonds not the ladies on TPF 'best friends' anymore?

    I was always into diamonds but I'm starting to appreciate LV as much...:heart:
    How about you?
  2. The only diamon I love is in my wedding ring. No need for more. LV 100% :woohoo:
  3. Why must we choose? I love diamonds (GOOD ones, in quality settings) and I also love LV! Thing is, my DH will, on important occasions, buy me diamonds. He won't, I don't think ever, buy me an LV. Diamonds are forever, you know!;)
  4. can i choose both? a girl can have two best friends!
  5. I'm not at the age for diamond yet so def LV.:yahoo:
  6. LOL, I agree a girl can indeed have 2 best friends...:tup:
    But on a special occasion such as xmas, wedding anniversary, valentines' day etc... What would you hope you would get from your significant other?
  7. Oh my... SO hard to choose :lol: Ummm can I get both? LOL. Ok, Depend on what style of that diamond. If it's necklace with full diamond, I'll give up and choose diamond, otherwise, LV still be the #1 :biggrin:
  8. Hermes.
  9. ITA me too!! :smile:
  10. LV for me too:tup:
  11. yup. personally, I'm not a fan of diamonds.
  12. I like both, but pushed to choose, I'd choose diamonds. Jewelry has always been my first love. :smile:
  13. Diamonds ...:smile:
  14. I like diamonds for special occasions such as wedding, anniversary etc from Hubby and I buy LV for myself.;)
  15. Diamonds :love: