What would you like Coach to make?

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  1. I would really love it if Coach would make a nice simple leather Checkbook cover. (Maybe to match the French Purses.)

    The checkbook wallets don't have enough card slots and the wallets with the card slots don't hold a checkbook.
  2. Agendas with the six-rings instead of that spiral mess. I feel limited by spiral inserts.
  3. Coach has made just about everything. Let me think.
    christmas tree ornaments. Aww... that would be so cool. I would have a Coach tree.
    I would like to have coach pillows like the ones they have in the store for display.

  4. I think they did sell pillows once. I know they used to have furniture in the catalogs. It looked so cool.
  5. WOW! really how long ago? I've never seen pillows or furniture. I know they sell leather office chairs, that's about it.
  6. I would like to see more black patent leather bags and accessories. My mom LOVES black patent leather. Every year they would come out with something and I would buy it. First a makeup case. Then a mirror. Then they had a really cute hat I got for her one year. She dreamed of a black patent leather bag. Well, they finally came out with one right before the holidays. It was really pricey. I was so upset that I didn't have enough $$$ to get it for her. Well, I decided to start saving and maybe if it was still around I could get it for her birthday. Well, I ended up getting it but I always wanted one for myself. I know they have one out now but I'm not crazy about the style.

    Also, I love my black leather signature tote bag. I would like more of these bags as well.

    Also, it has been several years but to this day, I'm still sorry that I missed out on that Signature duffel that looked liked the LV Speedy. I loved that bag. I remember it came in different colored trim. But for some reason I only remember red. Does anyone have that bag?

    I would also like more short handle bags that go over the shoulder. Why such big bags for holding in your hands? It's just not comfortable. Just make the handles a little bit longer please.

    I like that Coach is back to doing jewelry but I think I prefer the silver pieces they had before. I regret not getting the charm bracelets. So more Sterling Silver please.
  7. that would be cute, actually!
  8. I would definately say 5+ years ago. I definately recall chairs. I think there was even something on a Coach interior for a car or was I dreaming?


    If I had found this board a year ago I could have told you the year and season. I finally stopped the insanity and threw away all my coach catalogs. I think I had some from the early 90s or whenever that Reed guy took over. That is when I really started to like Coach again. Every now and again I would look at them. I loved looking at them after I came back from shopping at the outlet to see how much I saved. But they were all over the place. In a cleaning fit, I tossed them all.
  9. Same here. I really like the signature hoop earrings and rinds. Regret not getting them.

    I also want coach to come out with more slippers.
  10. I love the LV Batignolles but don't want to spend so much on one and I don't really like the monogram very much. I wish Coach would make a style like that. I like the Coach signature better than the LV monogram. Did Coach ever make reading glasses? I think some cute reading glasses would be nice too. (for us aging Coach lovers!) LOL!
  11. Oh yeah and also bring back that tye dye stuff. I missed out and get so envious everytime I see someone with it.
  12. or maybe just regular glasses that we can get our prescriptions in? (i saw some GORGEOUS chanel glasses i wanted...but with how thick my lenses are, they wouldn't/couldn't do it)...not aging, but certainly near blind here!
  13. Yes, Kallison... maybe some nice frames for those with prescriptions and some magnifying glasses for those who aren't quite ready for the prescriptions yet? I'd buy them!

    And I'd like to see some sterling jewelry too. Like charm bracelets and cute pendants.
  14. Its been out for spring, the last two years. They might get new colors this coming spring.
  15. --agendas with rings
    --a messenger...(shaped like the transatlantic, but w/different styles (sig. stripe, legacy, legacy striped, something different)
    --prescription glasses/sunglasses
    --letter charms available in better colors
    --longer handles on the totes

    Coach and Lexus hooked up...the leather interior was Coach, and when you bought certain models, you got a free set of luggage.