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Which Madison should I choose?

  1. Silver/Camel/Acorn

  2. Black Leather

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi everyone!

    Tomorrow is my birthday and I plan on getting a new coach bag to celebrate. Actually, I am returning another one that just isn't as wonderful as I thought it would be. So I am planning on buying the Madison leather spectator carryall but am torn between two colors. So help me decide...you all are the best!

    1. Silver/Camel/Acorn

    2. black leather

    I know I will use the black leather much more, but the silver/camel is also a great looking gal and I know I could get use out of her as well
  2. I say the Black with silver hardware.I just think it would be a Great Everyday bag...Good luck:smile:
  3. I just saw the camel on my coworker today v nice but I would go w black
  4. They are both gorgeous but it would be nice to have the lighter colored bag for spring and summer (and it is more unique and uncommon than another black bag!)
  5. If you don't have another black bag (or two or three), I'd go with the black leather---classic and versatile. On the other hand, the spectator is gorgeous!
    There's really no wrong choice here.
  6. thanks everyone! I only have one other black leather bag(Tribeca) so I'm going to go with the black leather!
  7. Happy Birthday!! :balloon::Partyhat: Good choice on the black!
  8. I like the white/green one myself! LOL.

    If you will get more use out of the black, do the black!
  9. Check out the scarves to dress it up for Spring; a nice way to use a black bag year-round. :smile: Happy birthday!
  10. i like the spectator but just think the black is safer and so cute.
  11. I would go with the black.
  12. Happy Birthday!! :party::dothewave::Partyhat::Partyhat::Partyhat::Partyhat:
  13. Happy Birthday!!!

    I say the Camel/Acorn Carry All! It is different and a nice Spring and Summer bag!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  14. I would go with black too. :Partyhat: Happy Birthday!! =)