What would you do?

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  1. I have a small dog- about 8 pounds. Two doors down, there is a pit bull. The pit belongs to the owner's brother, who lives with her. The owner lets it run free. She follows me and my dog while walking, to the point where I have to pick up my dog or try to get home quick. I can't talk Charlie to go to the bathroom in the front yard anymore b/c the pit bull comes into the yard at whim. I have found the dog waiting for me in my garage when my garage door is open, pacing and showing her teeth, growling, as well as trying to figure out how to get into my house through my dog door.

    The owner knows I don't want this dog on my property- when the dog came into my garage, he eventually came looking for it and was like, oh she is harmless, don't worry about her. She did NOT appear harmless.

    There is a lease law here. I am really thinking of calling animal control, b/c I am uncomfortable and can't even use my own yard or keep my garage open while doing yardwork. Am I overreacting? Do you think animal control would actually DO something? I just have a problem w/ this dog roaming free, when it follows you, baring its teeth and growling.

    FYI- I am not trashing pits. I am sure some are great dogs, but this one seems aggressive. I'd feel the same way if it was a cocker or even a lab acting this way.
  2. Call animal control, not sure what part of Florida you are from but in central FL. they WILL pick up the dog if they catch it out without a leash. The owner will then have to go get it out of doggie jail and pay a fine ($135 I believe), and have to have proof of shots and all. Most times hitting people in the pockets is the best way to keep them responsible!

    Good luck
  3. Really scary. I have known people with pitbulls and they were all sweethearts. But if you are uncomfortable, have a talk with the owner and if they don't listen, definitely call animal control. You shouldn't be afraid to go in your own yard.
  4. CALL ANIMAL CONTROL!!!! god forbid something happened to you or your baby...those people should not let their dog run free especially if its harassing you, call before someone gets hurt!
  5. Call the police. There are laws against dogs roaming free, and anyhow the owner is being really irresponsible! this would really piss me off too. I would also continue to call until something is actually done about it. Your neighbour is not above the law.
  6. Def. call. There was a Golden Retriever across the street from me that would...literally...scare the poo out of my dog at times. You have to look out for your own pooch and your actual safety as well!

    If the other owner says something after you call, it's not like you didn't politely ask them to keep their pup on their property. They knew the situation so they should just comply, like the should have when you asked in the first place.
  7. Regardless of the breed, it is dangerous and unsafe for ANY owner to allow a dog to roam freely like that. The dog could get hit by a car, or possibly hurt another animal.

    I would definitely call the Animal Control. Just be a pest until something is done about it.

    Since I also have tiny dogs, I often carry pepper spray with me when I take them outside...you never know :sad:
  8. That is a great tip, I am tired of being on guard and terrified when walking her in a park full of unleashed, gigantic dogs.
  9. ^Thanks!

    You could also consider buying one of those little noise machines...those things are LOUD and sure to scare off any dog!
  10. Call the police. There is no reason you have to put up with someone else's dog on your property no matter if she is harmless or not. Why are dog owners so dumb? There is a law that you have to be in control of your dog at all times. Is this difficult to understand? Even if you have the nicest dog on the planet not everyone likes dogs. Why should they be forced to put up with yours?? By the way I have 3 Greyhounds and would never just let them do as they please around my neighborhood. Dumb. AND they are the nicest dogs on the planet. :love:
  11. They are beautiful...so gentle and graceful :love: We have one in our neighborhood and I just love to watch her walk.

    elizat...I totally agree with everyone...you should not be made to feel afraid on your own property!
  12. Thanks all. I am going to be making some calls. I was trying to not make act like a jerk, but it is to the point where the owner is not respecting other people's wishes and property. He's also put his own animal, as well as others at risk by letting her run as she pleases in a neighborhood. It would be different if it was on a farm or other situation.
  13. I live on a farm....it is no different my neighbors dogs, who were allowed to run free, would dig into my yard and kill my chickens, goats, and chase my horses. NOBODY should allow their dogs to run free, don't feel bad about reporting them...you are doing the right thing.
  14. Although it wouldn't be appropriate even if he wasn't, he's baring his teeth and growling for God's sake. What's wrong with this owner? How is the dog harmless when it's openly showing aggression? Maybe they don't see him doing that. Why not video tape it in that state and show it to them. Tell him that you don't want to do it, but you'll have no choice but to call animal control if he doesn't do something about it. He needs to keep that dog secure before it kills something or a kid.
  15. Definitely call animal control next time you see it running around free. Most likely they will then give the owner a warning, but keep calling every time you see it out loose and animal control will respond and probably confiscate the dog if the owner keeps on being so careless.