What would you do?

  1. Ok, i have a chance to trade my tan paddy and cash to buy a honey Fendi Spy OR i can keep the paddy and buy a Chanel Cambon large tote in black with white CC's

    So, which would you get???

    Chanel Cambon large tote black w/white
    Honey Fendi Spy

  2. Definitely keep the Paddy and buy the Chanel! The tan Paddy (isn't yours from the early 05 collection?) will never be made that well again!
  3. Keep the Paddy and buy the Chanel! I love that Chanel.
  4. Chanel! I'm not a fan of the Spy, but I think Chanel is pure class. Plus, I think the Chanel bag will endure far longer than the Spy will.
  5. Thanks all! I'm thinking the same thing. :amuse: I really love the tote, and my paddy is sitting here beside me and i keep looking at her and loving her more!
    Plus, i had a chanel cambon large tote in tan with black CC's last year for all of 4 days and sent it back. I've been regretting it since.
    Hubby's also pushing for Chanel because he says the tan one i had was the coolest bag i've ever had, and i should get the black one.

    Why do i feel like i kind of should get the spy because it's "coveted" or something? Although it seems like it's a love/hate thing, and i'm kind of "eh" about it. (I guess that answers my original question! ha!)
  6. CHANEL!!!!
    I have the Chanel and the spy....the Chanel, I love more than the spy and it will last longer!
  7. Go for the CHanel! THe spy will be out before you know it, while Chanel is forever!
  8. Yeah, I'd get the Chanel too -- I love them and want one!! I like the spy too but think it might be more of a potentially passing trend (nothing against them!) while the chanel w/ always be classic.
  9. Another vote for the Chanel !

    And hey, if your DH ever admires a bag, you should take it as a go ahead to keep it since you can always say that he approves of the purchase. ;)
  10. Keep Paddy and get Chanel!
  11. Another Chanel!!
  12. Keep Paddy, get Chanel.
  13. Get the Chanel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts:
  14. Chanel over here too :biggrin:
  15. Jennifleur, you should go for Chanel since you mentioned loving its Cambon large tote in black with white CC's.
    If I were to choose for myself, it would be Honey Spy. I personally like bags without too many logos/monograms so I don't like this Tote, I love their Classic Flap though. What matters is that you love it and enjoy wearing it. =)