What would you do-gsh vs ggh?

  1. Hi all!
    I have a dilemma and I am hoping you can give some input. I have a gorgeous black city ggh that have only carried a handful of times. I recently purchased a black city sgh that I absolutely adore. I paid retail for both bags. I don't feel I can justify keeping both (I have two additional black bbags). I know I will get maybe 50% of retail on eBay for the ggh bag. The sgh bag is still returnable. What would you do? Sell the ggh and take the hit? Or return the sgh and be satisfied w/having the ggh bag? My heart belongs to the sgh but I don't know if I can bear to take such a loss on the bag.

    PS This is in no way a solicitation to sell my bag to a PF member. I am just looking for input. Thanks!
  2. I'd return the SGH and get full money back. Eventually put it towards another SGH of another colour/OR another style.
    I have the Black GGH city as well, and that's what I'm going to do, I really want a Black SGH as well deep down, but have been really patient, and hold off (close to purchasing a couple of times!!), b/c there would be no point in the same bag in diff hw.
    Hope I'm of help!
  3. I'd keep the ggh and return the gsh, too.
  4. That's a very tough call - personally, I love the Black GGH City so I would want to keep that one but it sounds like you would be much happier with the SGH. Maybe you could keep the SGH and hold onto the GGH until you can get a price that you feel good about, even if you don't sell it right away? Also, have you definitely ruled out being able to return the GGH? I have found that many high-end retailers (Neimans, Saks, etc.) can tend to be very flexible with their return policies in an effort to keep their customers satisfied.
  5. Keep the GSH b/c obviously it making your heart skip a billion beats!!!!!
  6. Only keep what you love, don't settle. THere are great consignment websites like AFF and RDC that would most likely pay you a lot more than dealing with eBay. I have lost plenty of money on bbags, but I had to follow my heart and learn a lesson that I have been applying lately. ONLY buy what you love. This goes for everything for me right now... down to my kids socks "Do they already have 500 pairs? Yes.. Shasta, put them back on the shelf"... THis keeps Dh a bit more sane too.

    Let us know what you do!
  7. Follow your heart. Never settle.
  8. Go with what you love. As CoutureObsessed pointed out you still may be able to return the ggh.
  9. If the GGH is quite new and unused, it might be able to sell for higher than 50% on eby? Hard to tell because black comes out every season and thus may not be in "demand" as much as other limited colours, but then again there are lots of people who snap up basic colours. I would say keep the SGH and return/sell the GGH too.

  10. i so much agree with you shasta
    keep what you really love...
  11. I'm also with Shasta. For me, it's all about what I really really love and what makes my heart beat, which as you've already said, is the SGH.
  12. i also agree..... go with the GSH - the bag you love.....
    i would also suggest Real Deal. RD can help you sell your bag for a good price - and another option is if RD has a black GSH maybe you could return your GSH and trade in your black GGH for a black GSH.
    good luck!
  13. i agree- only keep what you truly love. it stinks to take a loss on a bag, but chances are, you won't be truly happy until you have the SGH.
  14. keep the one you love!
  15. Keep the GSH, it's the one you like best and I agree, it's a beautiful combo. If you end up returning it you;ll just regret it in the long run.