What would you do for a bag?

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  1. So I'm watching Tyra right now and she just had three contestants on the show competing for a handbag (looked like an LV?). To win it, they had to eat all of their favorite food....blended together. It was pretty nasty, but I think I could have handled it, although definitely not as fast as the girl who won.

    Anyway, what's the worst thing you would do for a bag?
  2. yikes i don't think i can answer that question. there are a couple bags out there that i'm bonkers over so heh. *pleads fifth*
  3. lol Laurie when I read your title just now that's exactly what I thought of! I saw that Tyra yesterday but was too lazy to post it at the moment haha
  4. I couldnt tell if she was showing the mini lin in dune, I think it was.. but I got quite the giggle out of " even lilo cant get this bag" hmmm lilo has it .. LOL
  5. I guess it depends on the bag, now doesn't it :sneaky:
  6. depends on the bag
  7. I agree,it really depends on the bag...
  8. work. :smile:
  9. ^^ Ha ha, so true.

    I was thinking about it, and you can really just equate it to "what would you do for the amount of money your HG bag costs". And when you put it in a dollar amount like that, it seems as though there's less I would do for $1800 than for a Dior Cannage tote. Odd, but it makes sense when you think of all these game shows that have $1 mil as the top amount...then 2,000 seems like chump change. But I think it's more about the luxury of being able to throw that money at an obscenely expensive purse, which you don't have to worry about if you just win the purse in the first place.
  10. Tough call. If it was for an Hermes Birkin, I could go pretty far... - I don't think I could eat all my favourite foods mashed up in a blender though ...:nogood:
  11. Nothing dishonorable but I would definitely eat my favorite foods blended :blush:
  12. Oh, well, my favorite foods happen to be yogurt, strawberries, ice, bananas, and milk.... yummm smoothies.... haha

    Actually I don't think my bag obsession runs deep enough for me to eat my favorite foods all blended up together.