What would you do? AS Gioco question...

  1. So, I found an AS Gioco for $96.00, I'm almost in love with it, but have a few issues with it, and need help from my fellow tokidoki lovers' discerning tastes.

    This AS Gioco is a little grey, has none of the characters I want in full, except for the peachy lady's face. The only things I see from the Latte, which is the one I have my heart set on, is the horns. Bastardino and his lady friend are at corners, but they're cut off at the ears. It is mostly a black and white bag.

    Oh, and the bag looks quite crushed. There are crush lines everywhere on the bag. I guess the AS pattern is on a stiffer fabric?

    Here's my dilemma: I'm someone who keeps my bags in like new condition, so clearly this bag is no longer in like new condition. At least in my eyes. And I'm eyeing a Famiglia Gioco as well, but it's currently full price. But it is in new condition. The only reason I'm not getting the Gioco from the SH sale is because my friend will get it for me on his employee discount (the local Macy's), and endure the laughter from his friends at work.

    So, what would you do? Would you buy the AS Gioco anyway? Or would you move on to the Famiglia pattern?
  2. i would go with SH. since the 40% is still going on, i'd call to see if there's one with better placement and go with a "cleaner" gioco. is ur friend getting a discount on top of the $96? if not, SH all the way. :yes:
  3. I would forget about the AS Gioco, if it's going to bother you and you are going to be irratated everything you look at it, I would just wait on the FAmiglia Gioco. I'm that way also, if I see a bag that I'm going to spend a good amount of money on, I expect it to be in Excellent Conditon.

    If it doesn't bother you, I would get it. If not, Pass!
  4. do you think it's unsalvageable?

    all of the tokis that i've bought in new condition have stayed excellent, but i've bought a few that were used and i cleaned them up a bit with the products other TPFers recommended..

    honestly i think you can find another AS that would be better suited to you.. 96 is only a steal if you're 100% happy with the appearance.
  5. Definitely move onto the famiglia pattern. The AS gioco you are describing really doesn't sound too appealing.
  6. Hi! If this bag is located in QCM, then I know what you are talking about. I saw it too and it's definitely a return. The bag definitely looks used and the person returned it maybe when her 3 months' up. I won't get it since the bag is really not that interesting, with pretty bad placement, it's AS all over with the most minimal colored character I've ever seen on an AS print.

    If this bag is not the one I saw in QCM, then, I'd say do what you think is right for you. AS print is really difficult to take care of, and even though it only cost $96 bucks, it's still a lot of money to spend on an inferior bag.
  7. that AS gioco is the one at macy's...? o-o
  8. I say go with the Famiglia Gioco over the AS Gioco. The AS doesn't have the characters you want, is a lil dingy colored and crushed. With the Famiglia, you'd get the characters you want and then some. Hope my lil opinion helps :hrmm:
  9. $96 isn't a bargain if it has that many flaws and hardly any of your fave characters.
  10. I basically agree with what everyone above has said. GO FAMIGLIA!
  11. PinkPeony, yes! You're right on the money. It does have poor placement, but I was tired, weak, and desperately wanted a Gioco style at a price I could afford. And yes, I would get a discount on top of the $96. I don't know what the employee discount is though, but I'm guessing no more than 15%?

    I guess I'll sleep on it. But I know you're all right, and I should let it go and get the Famiglia, and if I really want something in AS, then I should get it from SH.

    And don't be silly tokidoki_bella...all opinions are valuable. That's why I came here! Thanks for taking the time to answer! :woohoo:

    Y'all are the best! :heart: I'll be back to let you all know what I finally get...but I'm letting my friend off the hook on the AS Gioco!
  12. mcync, you should be able to get a 10-15% discount on the AS Gioco for the dirtiness... I got a 10% off on mine because it had black smudges--they cleaned up perfect with Magic Eraser. BUT, I got mine price adjusted during the big one day sale where the AS Star stuff was on extra 50% off, the total ended up being something like $67. Based on the so-so placement and the poor condition (wrinkles too) I'd pass and wait for Famiglia. I love my AS Star Gioco, but it's high maintenance. I have to whip out the tide pen all the time, plus do weekly swipes with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
  13. so the sales at SH is still going on? do you know how long they're gonna keep the sales? thx
  14. Go with SH, a Gioco is 96 and Lindsay will help you with placement. If theres nothing you love go with the Famiglia.
  15. I think SH is going to keep the 40% off permanently to clean out the Toki.