What would be your most favorite......

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  1. ... bag style that you actually wouldn't mind purchasing in all different colors or lines?

    As for me, it's the speedies! I wish i can have at least one in every prints and colors. :yahoo: And i'm definitely "envious and admire" those that have a huge family of speedies.:cloud9:
  2. Neverfulls!! :party:
  3. Alma!
  4. I'll second the Alma! I feel that is the bag that suits my personality the best.
  5. Galliera and Speedy!
  6. Trevi! There's just something about the shape..I wish it was all leather though :S
  7. Speedies too!
  8. speedies, mahina Ls, almas ....
  9. for me it would be Speedy and Mahina L.
  10. Speedy!
  11. I don't really have a one size fits all bag that I would get in every pattern or color. So sad. Maybe someday I will find one.
  12. Alma, NF and Gal
  13. Galliera!
  14. Galliera & Speedy
  15. Speedies! I have several and the style is classic no matter what the pattern is. :yes: